These pieces are ones the we recovered during an investigation into the life and powers of one Diane Arbus. She was born in Manhattan to an extremely wealthy family, an heir to a very successful department store. However, she had no intentions of taking over the family business. This kind of upset her parents but she didn't care. She continued to chase her dreams and passions, which were placed in photography. Diane pursued her photography in New Jersey, where she began taking pictures of people that didn't exactly win the popularity contest in high school-- homeless people, beggars, transsexuals, physically disabled folks, mentally handicapped people, circus freaks, giants, midgets, and a slew of other participants. After her suicide in 1972, Diane Arbus became the first artist to have her work featured at the Venice Biennale. Millions of people viewed her from 1972 to 1979. They were also the centerpiece of another major traveling exhibition in 2003 through 2006 entitled, "Diane Arbus Revelations," and in 2006 Nicole Kidman starred as Arbus in the motion picture Fur, a fictional account of Diane's life. She also happens to be the first photographer to take an inter dimensional photograph. At first, she hesitated and was frightened when she experience her first inter dimensional photo. She didn't understand why the photo was blurry and there seemed to be a duplicate of the individual she was taking a photograph of in the blur. The only alteration was that the duplicates appeared very happy... almost elated. Not soon after, Diane discovered that she held the mediumship capable of transport the individual she was photographing to a new dimension. It was a dimension where they existed in an extremely elevated existence, where they were happy and where the fit in with everyone. Her proof came when she photographed a set of twins. In a blur on the side of the photograph, both the twins, who were social misfits of society, showed up in the photo at the side. Their grins were wide, from ear to ear. It was documented that the twins' behavior changed erratically after that. In 1948, Diane met up with a second medium to make these pieces. They are pieces that channeled Diane's power without having to be photographed. The piece could also be used a portal traveling piece, whereby you can travel to and from a separate existence on a different plane of existence. In this new existence, you will experience a spiritual rejuvenation. The realm is 100%, core white light existence that will elate your soul, allowing you to exist in your true form. It will manifest your inner soul, because you will exist in a form of true bliss, relinquishing your inner white light and giving you the full psychic power of your pure white-light existence. While on your new plane you will exist in bliss-- the original form of the human being from the Garden of Eden.

Althought she was and photographer, this piece represents that fact that Diane was an artist at heart.  Afteral, most artists take up painting and drawing at some point in their life.  They are artsy and they are good at it.  The stones in this ring are all genuine and real and depict a rainbow of colors on a spiritual palette!  You do not want to pass this piece up to exist in your true, raw form! 

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