The very first tarot cards were documented in Italy during the 14th Century. The cards are made up of 22 major enigmas whose figures represent a synthesis of the mysteries of life. The 56 minor images incorporate 14 figures in four suits: pentacles, swords, goblets, and wands. These cards are used to spiritually guide and interpret your past, present, and future. They can be used to seek answers from the spirits to help you guide your life. This item is the Mystic Eye. It is an oracle that enhances a tarot reading. Whether you are an adept and you wish to use this piece to make your readings better for others, or if you are a fledling mystic and want to use this piece for your self readings or to fortify your abilities, this piece will do the trick. This piece is an Oracle Mystic Eye that will allow psychic energy to flow through your mind to make your readings 100% accurate, 100% of the time. Additionally, the globe on this ring will illuminate with psychic visions during your readings that only you will be able to witness. This will give you spiritual guidance from beyond when conveying your mystic messages. You will be able to use this ring to see all things past, present, and future, but it has to be used in conjunction with the cards. The cards open up a gateway tha allows energy to flow freely and will spark the abilities in this ring!!
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