Madame LaVeau's Universal Supply

Like the others that I've listed today, this piece is also a Laveau piece. It is a pin and it holds exactly what it says it does, Madame Laveau's Universal Supply. However, this piece is meant, if you can stomach it, to be used in an entirely different manner. I mean, you can still use this item by means of a Voodoo doll if you want to. However... and this is a very big however. You can use this piece directly on your human self. In fact, it works a lotu better this way, because the powers are able to make a blood bonding with your core soul. The powers of the piece-- a universal supply of Marie Laveau's Voodoo magic, will co-exist with your soul. To use this piece prick your finger, or forearm-- somewhere the pin can make contact with your blood. This will begin the process. Day by day your powers will gain speed and strength until eventually you will gain full powers of the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, herself. It will be as if you are Marie Laveau resurrected and your power will never diminish only grow in what you can do and its versatility!!
Madame LaVeau's Universal Supply
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