Madame Lewburry Estate Piece #1

We have received several items from the estate of Madame Lewburry. She was a dianic witch who practiced up until her last breath. She was brought into a life of witchery from her neighbor at a young age. She was trained on how to forecast the future and control energies through spell casting. As she got older she dove into the lifestyle and became very powerful in being able to manipulate any aspect of the world that she wished.

Although she could have spell cast herself to live forever, she wanted to maintain some human characteristics and portrayed to live only as long as it was planned for her to roam this Earth. When she started feeling ill and knowing that her life would not last much longer in this world she began to spell cast powers into her prized broaches. There were hundreds of them and they are all evoked... we were able to get several at the sale; there were many people in the small town in Minnesota who were aware of what she had done, so these items were hot!

This piece allows you to use spell-casting, and holds the most thought-of power of witches; knot magic. Knot magic is very popular, and also incredibly versatile. You must tie a piece of rope into a knot which holds this piece within its center --- thus uniting the power to you.

This is an awesome piece that is simple to use!
Madame Lewburry Estate Piece #1
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