Magic Little Mushroom

This is an all white-light piece that is completely transformational.  I don't mean that it gives you the ability to transform your actual being, but once you use it your perspective on how the universe works will completely altered.  It seems that most people think that the universe exists as they see it.  This is simply not true, there are many different layers of existence and many different types of reality.  This piece is going to show this first hand, because it allows you to create your own reality.  
How many times have you sat and thought to yourself that you wish your life could be completely different?  Now, it can.  No, this item doesn't permanently alter your reality.  Rather what it does, will let you create your own alternate, yet parallel, reality.  This will allow you shape and form you own reality, merely by thinking it into existence.  We chose a piece with a mushroom to put this piece into, because it will be much like you have eaten a magic mushroom.  You can be a leisurely or absurdly creative with this piece as you want.  You can create any type of creature, any type of magic, and type of power, and overall, any type of existence that you want. Simply use this piece and it will put you into a deepest state of meditation.  You will then leave your mortal body to travel to an astral realm where you can build whatever you want simply by using your imagination.  
The best part about this piece is that whatever powers and abilities you create in your alternate reality will be stored to the piece.  You can bring this power back with you from the realm, to use in the mortal realm.  Essentially, by using this piece you can manufacture and use any power that you want or that crosses your mind.  It doesn't even have to be an already existing power.  Like I said, if you can think of this, the piece will allow you to create it.  Then, it is yours for the keeping.  So, let your imagination run free, day dream, and think crazy things.  With this piece, it's only going to make you more powerful in the long run.  
Magic Little Mushroom
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