Majlis Al Djinn Pendulum

I know that over the years and across many different cultures, tall tales have taken form.  Simple truths become extravagant stories of heroic measures and actions.  However, let's not forget that in every tall tale there is a bit of truth.  It is the truth that is hidden amongst fable that needs to be determined.  The piece that I am offering with this description proves the truth of a tale that is centuries old.  It proves the existence of the lost treasure, the secrets of which were known by one person.  That person is known as Ali Baba.  I'm not even sure what Ali Baba'sreal name was.  It could've been Ali Baba, it could've been something else all together.  For the sake of simplicity I'm calling him Ali Baba.  It is presence that we found in a piece that came back from an investigation outside of Dubai.  Those Saudi Arabian people know power and magic unlike anyone else.   They come from a place in the world that, in the old times, thrived solely on the basis of this magic.  Such was the case of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.  

At first when we got the piece we thought that it was enchanted with a djinn.  Turns out we were wrong, but we were close.  Rather the piece that we got holds the spirit of the late Ali Baba.  He is the man that was a poor wood cutter and overheard a group of 49 thieves talking about the secret words to open their magical cave where they hid their treasures.  He eventually makes his way into the cave, the thieves try to kill him and his family, but he always somehow manages to slip away.  The thieves were eventually killed, which led to Ali Baba being the only person who knew the secret to the entrance of the cave.  He never told another soul after he made the mistake of telling his brother and getting him killed.  To this day the secret of this cave is a secret.  Ali Baba rescinded to this piece, because even in spirit form people would try to summon him for the secrets to the entrance to this cave and he refuses to tell.  He even refused to tell us, so I just want to clarify this piece is not a wealth item that will lead you to his hidden treasure.  

Rather with this piece, we were able to develop another piece.  Being from the Middle East and of a magical influence, Ali Baba is also an expert on hidden source of djinni magic.  In fact, he had a few of his own in his time.  He had several guarding the entrance to the cave of treasure.  We summoned him for help in creating this piece.  The piece is not ancient, but the powers are.  The piece is very unique however, as it features the head of a djinni that ends in a point, forming a pendulum.  When you use this pendulum, you will need a spirit board.  It can be homemade if that is the only thing that you have available.  What you should do is meditate with this piece, as you dangle it in front of you.  You need to look at the djinn at eye level and really look into the djinn's eyes.  You will notice that there is a presence in this piece, which is the ddjinn that we summoned into it.  Just like demons are able to possess a body, so can djinn.  No need to fear, though because this djinn is not evil.  There are several different types of djinnand while some of them are evil, this one is not.  This piece holds a manifesto djinn, which is a type that gives people magical powers, abilities, and gives them divination.  

When you are looking at your djinn pendulum you will begin to feel a haze coming over you.  Allow the djinn that is held in the pendulum to possess your body.  It will not take away your own ability or free will, but rather you will exist as a dual form.  Then, you can ask the pendulum any question and it will gravitate toward the letters that make up the answer.  It will literally give you any answer to any question that you ask it.  This is because with your dual existence, using your pendulum will float your question across the realms to what is known as the Majlis AlDjinn, which literally means the "Meeting Place of the Djinn."  For lack of a better term, this is a part of existence where djinn hangout.  It is there home realm, where all of their knowledge and powers are kept.  When you ask a question, it will summon them, and they will read your dual existence, giving the answers to the djinn that shares your body.  

Then, the pendulum will begin to move to show you the answer.  Using this piece you can ask the djinn for anything-- answers to questions of your destiny, ask them the secrets of a power or ability, ask them to give you the secrets to wealth, ask the secrets for immortality, ask the secrets of spells and magic.  You can literally ask them anything and as long as you are using the pendulum they will give you an answer!  I have even used this piece to the point where using the pendulum was no longer necessary-- a psychic bridge was build and the communicated with me like that!  It's kind of like some psychics only use spirit cards as a medium to begin the vision!  It's a phenomenal experience and feeling to share your body with a metaphysical being!  The fact that this piece answers any question, so basically gives any power, is phenomenal!  

As for Ali Baba, we have the piece he put himself into. People still think his story is fictional, as they do with Davy Crockett and Pecos Bill.  Parts of it were, but the magic was not.  He is okay with this though, people have stopped bugging him for answers.  If you want answers buy theDjinn Pendulum, it will be the most powerful thing you've ever experienced!!   
Majlis Al Djinn Pendulum
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