Man's Best Friend

This is a very simple piece, for which there isn't really too much of a backstory.  It has long been known that dogs are man's best friend.  There have been innumerable stories about how dog's have saved the lives of humans, due to their great amount of loyalty.  They have been known to even fight off bears in the event that they owner was being attacked.   Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don't.  It isn't just dogs either.  Any pet can be a person's best friend.  I have a cousin who collects Guinea Pigs like they were china dolls and I recently just seen a video on YouTube where a cat fought off a dog that was attacking a child on a big wheel or something.  The point is that as we own pets they more or less become part of our family and when they are gone they are missed. 

A lot of our magic is centered around communicating with the other side and spirit forms.  However, most of these are geared toward human souls or vampire souls or other types of humanoid souls.  This piece was made with a spell from a witch who really loved her furry friends.  This piece allows your pets who have passed away to use this vessel to come back to you for spiritual communication.   They will appear to you as their cute cuddly self, but at the same time they will be able to communicate with you in whatever language you speak.  It would be just like an old friend came up to you and sat down to have a conversation.  You will be able to bond with their soul and realize that animal souls are more complex than what you could imagine and that they may even have magical powers of their own that they can give you to.  Aside from that, how cool will it be to actually be able to communicate with souls who were once our pets?  This is a very interesting and actually unique type of power!  If you are a pet lover, then you will love this piece!! 

Man's Best Friend
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