Masonic Human Charging Box

This piece is a very powerful piece and is nearly brand new.  By brand new, I mean that we got it in a few months ago from a connection that we have here on Earth, despite the fact that the powers that are in this piece are, literally, out of this world!  In terms of an entire existence, the powers came from our neighbor, Mars which is still pretty close.  In terms of human existence, you wouldn't be able to make it there in back in one lifetime, so if you ever decide to want to catch the next space shuttle ride there (if they began offering them), you might as well kiss your family goodbye, because you won't make it back.  Then, therearethose that travel to this planet rather regularly, because they have figure out, in some shape or fashion, the ability to intergalactically travel without it taking a painstaking amount of time.  For instance, Obama used to go to the Jump Rooms in Africa, where you pretty much open up one door, stand in a chamber and when you open that same door, you're on a different planet.  It's some interesting stuff when you really sit down and think about it.

With all this taken into consideration, there is one group of people who seem to be much better at figuring out this "space-time" travel stuff better than anyone else.  They are also pretty elite in the ability of astral projection and traveling to destinations by means of bi-location without ever having to step foot off of your own planet.  This is the most effective and efficient way of doing things, simply because of the fact you don't have to actually be there, but the experience will be like you are actually there.  That way, whatever you experience will be as if you are physically there.  It's a pretty amazing feat.  My whole point to this, is the one group of people who know this stuff better than anyone else are the Freemasons.  The Freemasons, in case you didn't already know, are a secret society of powerful and influential people.  I don't want to say that they are evil or dark people, because they are not.  Some of them can be and some of them are also part of the NWO and the Illuminati; it's basically all in how you use your power.  Either way, the whole point of being a part of the Masonic community is to achieve the maximum amount of enlightenment, to know all things and to be able to do all sorts of magic.

Here is the part where the story gets juicy.  There is an area of mars known as the Athabasca Valles Region.  It is largely a plains region of Mars that is flat and uneventful.  However, there is a part of this plains region where things become quite interesting.  There is a large circular region, a little over a mile in diameter.  The thing is that scientists have only recently discovered this mysterious shape.  They are making such a big deal over it, saying that they have no way of knowing what this structure could possibly.  Could it be the answer to intergalactic life?  Could it be a space station? Well, I hate to put a damper in there high spirits, but this structure has already been visited by humankind, as it was constructed by humankind.  It was built via alchemy and the Freemasons abilities to shift matter with their minds.  It is what they call an enlightenment chamber.  It is where they send some of their Masonic Wizards to become enlightened.  They were able to build this structure on Mars, because the Freemasons have been able to space-time travel for a very long, long time.  Thus, they were able to visit the surface of Mars in dual form, that way they could build this chamber without having to be subjected to Mars' harsh climate.  After all, they are still human.

This chamber that they have built on Mars is an inverted, conical shaped pyramid.  There are passages that spiral the whole length down into the bottom of the structure, which is really the top.  When and if you are lucky enough to join the ranks and you are chosen to endure the advanced spiritual awakening, this is the place you are shipped off to.  They will give you an item that will allow you to bi locate, in which they will be in full control that way they can monitor your progress.  You get transported off, in astral form, of course, to the conical, inverted pyramid.  This is known as the Human Charging Box.  It has Thirteen tiers in total.  You will start at the bottom, which is really the top.  You will remain in each tier until you are completely charged with the magic and enlightenment of that particular tier.  You then the sent off to the second tier, where you will undergo that exact same treatment.  Once you make it to the bottom of the inverted pyramid, which is really the top, you will have achieved the Thirteenth level of enlightenment, in which you will become a 13th Degree Mason, which is the second highest ranking you can achieve.  The only way to become a 3rd Degree Mason still lies within the highest ranks here on Earth.  Whomever is sent to the Human Charging Box on Mars will be considered for this advancement when the return, but there is no guarantees because the 3rd Degree Mason is the actual highest level, not the 33rd.  It is a misconception of people who don't really understand.

Here is how all of this is relevant to you.  It has been a little while since we have had a good, strong Masonic piece listed.  This is not just a good Masonic piece, but it is one of the best that we have listed in a long time.  When you wear this piece, it will give you the awakening of the 13th Degree Mason.  This means you will have achieved what others have to be selected to achieve.  It also means that you will not have to go through what others have to go through in order to obtain this type of spiritual advancement.  Using this item, you will automatically be given a spiritual awakening that is exactly like one of the Masons who have been through the 13 levels of the Human Charging Box.  You will be given an automatic awakening that will provide the highest levels of Masonic magic and enlightenment to you.  This magic is open-ended and can pretty much be used for anything that your mind will allow for.  If you can dream it up, this magic will bring it to life, whether its time-travel, matter manipulation and materialization, or developing any type of magic that you may want.  When you have this type of awakening and enlightenment, there pretty much isn't anything that you can't do.  This is a one of kind item and a once in a lifetime opportunity you don't want to miss out on.


This piece is a heavy metal and made to wear out and be destroyed.  This will happen once you travel all the levels. You will no longer need it at that time. Only one person can use this and it can't be passed on.

Masonic Human Charging Box
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