Maternal Instinct<br /><br />

This piece is quite simple to understand, but packs a very powerful punch.  It is perfect for a mother who is expecting has been distance by her children.  It is also perfect for a child that wants to be closer the his/her mother.  Lastly, it will allow you to summon the powers and abilities of all maternal spirits from the Bible.  There are a whole list of them, but the most predominant presence in this piece is the Virgin Mary.  <br /><br />

The Virgin Mary gave the ultimate sacrifice of becoming the mother of the unborn savior.  She did not panic when things go tough.  Instead, her maternal instinct kicked in and she knew she had a job to do; and that was to be the best mother that she knew how to be, even being the young virgin that she was.  She raised Jesus until he was a man and his destiny was put in place to fulfill the prophecies of God.  <br /><br />

This piece instills a motherly instinct in whomever wears it.  It is sterling silver, so it is very powerful.  The two gems son this piece represent two souls that will guide you along your path in motherly love.  They will help you along the path of spiritual wealth and knowledge.  It will help you become a better person.  It will strengthen all your good traits while reducing the less than perfect ones.  This is the first piece we've ever had like this, so... be the first to try it out!!  If you are a mother, you have nothing to lose!  <br /><br />

Maternal Instinct<br /><br />
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