Maximon (The Old Man; The Uncle)

Christian missionaries who came to Guatemala to convert the local people encountered the primordial Mayan deity Maam. Attempts to syncretize him to Saint Simon backfired. Instead of the Mayan god fading discreetly into the identity of the saint, Maximon, as he became known, took on a whole new life and personality of his own: defiant, rambunctious, anti-social. The Church then attempted to syncretize him with Judas Iscariot or even Satan, but it was too late. All they did was enhance Maximon’s outlaw image and make his devotees love and admire him even more. <br /><br />

The name Maximon is often interpreted as deriving from Maam and Simon. Another theory suggests that it derives from Maam and ximon, a Mayan word that may refer to a bundle or the act of “tying up”, essentially creating a bundle. (The use of bundles as sacred objects is  not uncommon in indigenous American spiritual and magical traditions.) <br /><br />

Although his wardrobe has been updated and modernized, Maximon is an ancient, primordial spirit. He has survived numerous attempts to suppress his veneration and is now more popular than ever, venerated throughout the Americas and Europe. He is generally benevolent, associated with healing, prosperity, and protection. In Guatemala, Maximon is traditionally invoked for protection for or from anti-government forces. Nothing is beyond his assistance or outside his jurisdiction, but he is a trickster. Be wary. <br /><br />

Maximon is a crossroads spirit. He mediates between the living and the dead, people and spirits. He serves as a bridge between malevolent and benevolent spirits. Maximon is an extremely responsive spirit who works for comparatively modest offerings. He will accept requests on behalf of others, especially addicts. Make offerings, and then tell him what the other person needs. However, even if the other person reaps the blessings, Maximon is doing you the favor: you must fulfill any vows. <br /><br />

Maximon is invoked in numerous magical spells, rituals, and operations: <br /><br />


  • He can stimulate better business and be petitioned for luck, money, and protection. Maximon foils and/or punishes shop-lifters and thieves. <br /><br />
  • If someone abuses you, Maximon will ensure that you are vindicated and healed. <br /><br />
  • He will assist you in capturing someone’s heart or hobbling competing suitors. <br /><br />
  • He can prevent your spouse from running off with another. <br /><br />


He may indicate his presence via the smell of cigar smoke when no cigars are present. He also visits in dreams. <br /><br />

The oldest images of Maximon consisted of masks and mysterious wrapped bundles. However a modern votive image has also evolved possibly based on the only known existing photograph of shaman, wizard, and Maximon devotee Francisco Sojuel (died circa 1907), credited with crafting the first modern Maximon mask. This image depicts Maximon as a mustached man wearing a black suit and a Stetson or similar hat. He is usually, but  not exclusively, depicted sitting. The modern image closest to his ancient one consists of a bundle of fabric topped with one or more Stetson hats. <br /><br />

An elaborate color scheme is used to communicate with Maximon. Those who are experienced candle-burners may choose to retain their own candle color associations, but the following color chart is commonly used to communicate desires and petitions to Maximon. Burn the color candle that closest represents your needs: <br /><br />

  • Black: Protection from envy, jealousy, enemies, and the deliberately cast Evil Eye. <br /><br />
  • Blue: For good luck, employment. <br /><br />
  • Brown: Protection from resentment and the accidentally cast Evil Eye. <br /><br />
  • Green: Business, prosperity, cash. <br /><br />
  • Light Blue: Cash, travel, education, and happiness. <br /><br />
  • Pink: Hope, health. <br /><br />
  • Red: Love, fidelity. <br /><br />
  • White: Protection of children. <br /><br />
  • Yellow: Protection of adults. <br /><br />


If you wish to make an offering to Maximon, leave him hats, silk scarves, flowers (he likes bougainvilleas, carnations, and gladioli), fruit, tobacco products especially cigars, copal incense, water, Coca-Cola, tequila, aguardiente. An elaborate offering when you really need a big favor or as fulfillment of a vow is forty candles plus copal incense. <br /><br />

This powerful talisman, to which the energy of Maximon has been bound, will grant any and all of your wishes. Ask for anything and it will be yours. If you are seeking a better job, it will be yours for the asking. Opportunities will fall into your lap. If you need protection from people who would do you harm, not only will you be kept safe, but Maximon will rain suffering down upon their heads. You will be showered with wealth, often from unexpected sources.  You will become irresistibly attractive to people of all ages and all genders. Your life will be filled with love, hope, happiness, good health and abundance in all things. If you wish for fame, it will be yours. If you wish for a happy marriage, it will be yours. You will be able to do anything, be anything that you want. People will wonder what your secret to success could possibly be. Failure, lack and misfortune will be things of the past. With Maximon in your life, you will be truly, irrevocably, eternally blessed. <br /><br />


Maximon (The Old Man; The Uncle)
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