Mayan Travel Charging Vessel

Well, if you are anything like me, when you travel there is just never enough room to take everything that you need... well, okay want.  That's why I am showcasing this item and putting it up for sale, because I know it's not always feasible to travel with larger items. 

The powers that are vested into this piece come from the ancient Maya empire, from a Charging Temple that was built to act as an oracle for powers and energies.  It was also designed to perfect already existing powers and strengthen them. 

This piece is a small charging vessel, made from Sterling Silver.  Sterling Silver is an especially energetic conductor, magically speaking.  It primps and spruces the magic that this charging vessel carries.  It comes from the Charging Temple that I spoke about above. 

This piece is compact enough that you can charge an emblem, charm, small ring, or pendant while not at home.  Let's face it, you don't want to lug an oak or crystal box with you on vacation or on business trips.  This piece will magically tune and refine any item with any power that you may have.  It can easily fit in a travel bag, purse, or pocket.  This piece is very powerful and extremely innovative!!  

Mayan Travel Charging Vessel
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