Mazikeen Dream ~ RR

This is a mans ring around a size 10 and half, its made of some kind of metal, I'm really not sure what type but I suspect it was purposely blended alchemically for this entity. I was told that it was cut off of the finger of the man who owned it at the time of his death, as you can see in the picture the cut mark.

What is attached to this ring is called a Mazikeen, which is a Jewish entity that is a shape shifter. This shifter can do ANY type of magic and can show you the future often times in dreams but also in day visions. They say that they can also marry humans if they want to but I don't know anything more on that fact. His name is Dinavian. You can also feel the energy of the original owner, death worn items will contain a strong energy imprint of the living and with the occult nature of this item its even stronger.

It is a dual astral being that is very easy to work with and is a very unique item of Jewish magic. Thanks for looking

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Mazikeen Dream ~ RR
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