Merchandise Liquidation *1

Random pieces were highlighted in a new testing group that we held last month and the items are now all ready to be sold. We have many items at liquidated prices --- I am trying to clear out and organize the inventory while Deedee and Lindy are gone!

With all the different entities that arise in our items I have been feeling sick while at the office. I think the energies and forces need to be released and the building cleansed --- so to ratify the mixture of powers I am selling items at low prices, so our loss is your gain!

This item is a shell ring that was found during a diving excavation in the Pacific Ocean it holds energy from Xavier, a sea urchin who empowers the waters with a trance of qipeem power. This will benefit the bearer of this piece to be able to manipulate the force fields and control negative energies they encounter.

Merchandise Liquidation *1
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