Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 1

Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 1

It is May and we just got a new portrayal of items from Merlin. He spent the whole month of April implementing frequeny powers and empowering items... so now we are lucky enough to offer up the recent pieces that he invoked!

This piece holds faceted energies of ESP. This will generate your mind with the particles of future knowledge to showcase signs, messages and symbols to you!

How can some people know what others are thinking? How do we sense someone is staring at us? How can we know the phone is going to ring and who it is calling?... and all of the other mysteries of ESP? Perhaps on those occasions we are able to pick up on the frequencies those people and events are producing. In other words, even though we all possess our own unique frequencies, we may on occasion be able to sense or detect the frequencies of others.

Psychics may be people whose frequencies are able to harmonize more easily or more readily with a wide range of other frequencies. In this way, they can “know” what other conscious minds are experiencing, have experienced in the past and will experience in the future. How can they know the future? Using a musical analogy, the symphony already exists in its entirely, from beginning to end. The psychic is able to “tune in” to notes that exist further on in the symphony. A psychic investigating a murder case in the past can “see” the notes that were played out in that dramatic section of the score.

** Merlin has ignited the pull and power of the astral energies to impart you with a connection of knowledge to prevail in the avenue of frequencies in the Universal Realm; thus allowing you to regiment the forces kinetically and gain mastery ESP skills~!

Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 1
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