Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 2

Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 2

It is May and we just got a new portrayal of items from Merlin. He spent the whole month of April implementing frequency powers and empowering items... so now we are lucky enough to offer up the recent pieces that he invoked!

This item holds energies of precognition and prophecy.

A prophet, or seer, is able to tune in to the frequencies of future events. Often times you will come across a prophet with only half the story, or bits and pieces of a vision -- they are not always accurate due to the way their sense are derived.

Merlin worked long and hard to develop a remittance that will generate the person who uses this full answers to prophecies and enlighten them with precognitive abilities.

His hours of trial and error led to this piece that was discovered through frequencies emerged from the front lobal area of the brain.

You will find a direct link from your mind map in the brain that will allow you to tune into the frequencies of the future with direct clarity!

Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 2
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