Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 4

Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 4

It is May and we just got a new portrayal of items from Merlin. He spent the whole month of April implementing frequency powers and empowering items... so now we are lucky enough to offer up the recent pieces that he invoked!

This is an item to detect hauntings and help you become an avid investigator!

Hauntings are different than ghosts. A haunting is like a recording on an environment: the sound of phantom footsteps trodding up and down a stairway, for example. In this case, perhaps it is possible that the stairway (consisting of its own frequencies) is able to absorb, "remember", or harmonize with the frequencies generated by the repeated act of someone’s energy going up and down those stairs. Under certain conditions, that memory is released and we experience it in the form of a haunting.

Triggered factors of paranormal frequencies occur around humans all of the time, but many just disregard them. This detection piece will set off a switch in your mind to allow you to realize the energies and spirits that surround you.

Items such as this have been utilized by all members of the Haunted Curiosities team. Many people ask about joining our team, or going on an investigation with us -- well now you can benefit from this power emblem to implore the power and gains that are needed to dive into the world of the paranormal.

Merlin's Majestics of May -- Item 4
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