Messages from Archangels

Messages from Archangels

There have been many accusations lately from spiritualists that believe they are Archangels living among us. We know that they surface the World from time to time to radiate Imperial tactics and blessings, but they would not notably announce to everyone who they are -- this is not the way God works!

We asked a spiriualist master of ours to advance his powers to help us connect with any Archangels who are among us.

He utilized an archangel reading which allowed him to retrieve the messages from the archangels, the loving guides who can motivate and heal you in miraculous ways! There were four who he could feel and contribute callings from that are currently roaming in our realm.

Our spiriutal master is a natural-born clairvoyant  who works specifically with the angelic realm, and he was able to cast a connection to the Archangels.

He asked them if he created vessels, if they would communicate with those who use it.

They agreed, and we have one available. The other three have been spoken for.

This will allow you to forward a connection to the Archangel, who will heal your ailments and notably bless you in your time of need.

A special prayer is needed to activate the piece, and will be given to you after purchase~


** I accidentally pulled the wrong picture when I offered this via email, the photo shown is the correct piece!

Messages from Archangels
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