Michael's "It Work's" business

Hi my name is Kurt Fletcher but some may know me by Michael. I am an "it works" distributor. So that is what i will be talking about right now. 

So first let me introduce to you the most popular product we sell. The Ultimate Body Applicator! Other words can be known as a body wrap. Now these wraps aren't what some of you reading  might think. It isn't a full body wrap to where you look like a mummy head to toe, hahahaha. No, no those body wraps are to help a person lose water weight, water weight just comes back. Plus it can be costly. Hmmm I'd guess over $200. These wraps I am here to show you is so much different. It's more convenient to wear. You can apply it anywhere you like. We even have face applicators that work the same. But anyways you can apply this applicator to your leg, your butt, your arm and/or your stomach. And when you apply this on put serene wrap around it to keep it in place. Do not sweat in it. Because this wrap has all natural ingredients on it that will get into the pores of your skin and basically get rid of the toxins in your body, the wrap is trying to absorb into your skin  and to help flush those toxins out will be lots of water. Whatever your body weight is divide that by 2 and whatever the answer is. That will be how much ounces you will need to drink for the next 3 days/72 hours. You may have this wrap on minimum of 45 minutes up to about 8 hours. This product will work up to 72 hrs so what I recommend you do during those 3 days is apply another product we have called defining gel. That basically helps keep the wrap you had on work more. It's great for stretch marks, scars etc, I'd apply it 1-2 times a day for those 3 days. During your 3 days stay away from bad food like McDonald's. pizza, fried foods, stuff like that. If you eat that kind of stuff then it defeats the whole purpose of the wrap. so therefor you gamble the risk of the wrap not being as effective like it should.  See these wraps like I said are trying to flush these toxins out and if your going to eat garbage to be blunt or smoke then your puting toxins back into your body. Make sense?  So if I still got your attention and your still reading this. Then I assume I struck your curiosity. so if interested to purchase these wraps are only through a distributor such as myself and there are 3 ways you can buy this wrap. But first I need to mention these wraps come 4 in 1 box.  Which 4 is what we call a full treatment. Here are 3 ways for you to buy them
1. You can buy a box of wraps for $99 at retail cost for a one time order
2. You can sign up as a loyal customer and get a box of wraps for $59, wholesale price. 
3. Or you can become a distributor like myself and get these for same price as a loyal customer. $59. 
To find more information about what a loyal customer and/or distributor is you visit my website
You can also visit my Facebook Fanpage if you like.
Michael's "It Work's" business
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