Miraculous Religious Emblems

How Strong Is Your Soul?<br /><br />

A good friend of mine recently posted asking for prayers for her family on her Facebook page. We all seem to have these pages to emit images and news about our daily lives for others to see.<br /><br />

This is great for relatives and friends who live in other areas to keep in contact more easily, but it is also a facet for unified wishes for prosperity and blessings.<br /><br />

I was curious as to what was going on and simply let her know that I wished her well and was here if she needed to talk; and she did!<br /><br />

The impact of what she is currently facing is hard to imagine. It almost seems like you could not be any less lucky!<br /><br />

Her father in law had pain in his chest and went to the doctor; after doing tests they realized that it was an issue in his lungs. He had tests done and a CT scan. He called Michael, my friend Steph's husband, and started out the conversation by saying "well I don't have cancer" ... but he now has to go back for more tests. That same week Michael's mother got her annual mammogram and something came up on the x-ray; she found out that she has cancer.<br /><br />

If all of this was not enough, Steph's own father learned that he has melanoma on his back. He had gone to get a mole checked and they found out it was cancer; they have to now try to go back to see if they can get it all off. <br /><br />

She was completely elasticized with life, and it doesn't help that her husband has panic attacks --- learning about his parents and now Steph's dad, he has been freaking out all the time. Steph just wants to shut down... she wants to curl up in a ball because she just feels like she cannot handle anymore!<br /><br />

Faith is all she has, but with so much bad news lately she has been questioning that. <br /><br />

We recently received items that were blessed at the Vatican back in 2001 after the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Many people desired protection pieces filled with blessings. The overwhelm demand made for only a few dozen pieces to actually be blessed by all the fundamental endowers of the church before the demand was realized to be too many to do. <br /><br />

They informed that anyone could come visit and instill blessing with the Holy Water yourself if they so desired. The initial 40 some odd pieces that were implemented with a ritual blessing were given to corespondents of family members close to the Pope's Team.<br /><br />

For the past 10 years we have searched for these items because they were noted to have been washed and then empowered with trinity oils that were found in 1885. The oils were hidden in a cave in a wooden box with Latin. The scripture maintained that they were healing oils of John the Baptist.<br /><br />

You will be able to find God's grace in every component of your life when you assert one of these incredible pieces upon yourself. <br /><br />

We were extremely lucky to come across 2 of these pieces --- 1 was found in Italy and 1 in Australia <br /><br />

These are token pieces that authorize the employment of deficit adherents of divine entities. <br /><br />

I purchased one of these for Steph, because after seeing the testing results first hand I knew this would help ease her stress.  So there is one more available.<br /><br />

These are blessed with blissful light and love that is sacred and ecclesiastical; they will bring new existence into your soul. The projection of protection in these items will bring an origin of warmth and revitalization upon your spirit.<br /><br />

Steph was able to escape the many blows by adhering her unification of this power and can see things with new vantage points. Her mother in law is doing well with chemo-, her father is noted to be clear of all the melanoma and the father in law is still being tested, but has no real issues of discomfort or pain.<br /><br />

She has called me and kept me posted with each new occurrence of information and thanks me immensely for the item because she says she knows the state of its existence has brought compliance of faith and Holy reverence upon her and her family.<br /><br />

No need to wish upon a shooting star when you are lucky enough to have one of these -- you no longer need to feel like you have the burden of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders!<br /><br />

This piece invokes the spirit of Padre Pio, who will help you overcome your obstacles.  God has Granted Padre Pio intercessory powers that allow him to perform miracles as if he were actually God.  This includes the white light abilities associated strictly with the highest forms of Heavenly Host.  <br /><br />


Miraculous Religious Emblems
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