Mithranian Astral Abilities


My newest place of interest was an ancient ruin in present day Iran, or what would have been olden-day Persia. The ruins that I visited were once part of the sprawling Persian empire and are the only remains the vice-capitol city, Persepolis. As history wrote, Persepolis was one of four capitol cities of the empire, and was built circa 520BC. The city was known for its grand architecture, its ample gold and silver furnishings, and its splendor of being a holy city, to which many young Persia would complete pilgrimages. Fast forward, oh say, a few millennia and it is now a pile of rubble and stones. It was burnt to the ground by Alexander the Great in his conquest to rule the world and presently, the city is said to hold magical powers of the ancient Persian people. As usual, I took it upon myself to prove, or disprove, exactly what powers the ruins of such an ancient city may exhibit.

I prepared my luggage, and it was off to Iran. It was actually a chancy journey in itself, as Americans aren’t always received so well in the Middle East. However, it was a trip well worth the risk, as I reaped the benefits of a very spiritually active place. As soon as I pulled in I established base and began my exploration. I found many interesting things, including ancient inscriptions (mostly animals such as bulls, cows, etc.-- typical Middle Eastern finds), ruins of past grandiose architecture, and even the base of an shrine, built to some prehistoric god. The latter of these three things would be my ticket into obtaining the magical powers of the ancient Persians.

About two hours after the sun had bid us adieu, I was ready to call the expedition off. There was a storm forecast for the area. Believe me, you don’t want to be caught in one of those Middle Eastern sandstorms. As we wound our way back through the ruins of Persepolis, we came across the half-shrine from earlier. (Actually, it was about an eighth of a shrine, but half-shrine sounds a lot better.) Now, when I say I, what I really mean is me and team that is with me. And the team that was with me included my colleague, Flamie. As we passed the half-shrine, he kind of shuddered and motioned for us to stop for a second. Kneeling over, he touched the base of what had once been a majestic shrine, exhibiting his psychometric powers which up until this point I knew nothing about. It’s funny how things work out. Anyway, he went into a psychic trance and when he came to, this is the story he told us.

This holy site had once been inhabited by the spirit of the god, Mithra, the Persian God of Light. He was the one that helped restore and maintain the Order of the Cosmos. He also had participated in the gods’ many struggles against evil, casting light magic upon the evil beings of yesteryears. Mithra was born of rock in a cave, and thus his temples were small subterranean chambers cut into the sides of mountains, large rocks, etc. The ceilings were decorated to look like a starry night. His attire also took on a starry look as more often than not, Mithra could be found clothed in a short cloak, lined with stars. He also donned a Phrygian cap-- that is a soft, red, conical cap with the top pulled forward and symbolized freedom. Mithras main call to duty was to protect his beloved followers’ souls in the afterlife. Protect them from what? Demons and other miscellaneous forces of darkness that may want to prey on the souls of the innocent. Each spring he would also sacrifice a bull, using the bull to bring forth life, productivity and fertility. For example, the bull’s blood would bring forth vines. His spinal chord? Wheat. His semen? Useful animals of the ground, fish of the sea, and fowls of the air.

Unfortunately, ever since Alex came along on his conquest and burnt Persepolis to the ground and took her inhabitants as slave and captives, the powers of Mithra have remained locked and unemployed-- that is until I came along. Actually, my team of investigators and I were able to summon the spirit of Mithra into a few of the pieces that you see above. We kept one for ourselves, but now they are available to you!! With the help of Mithra you will be able to achieve astral projection, giving you the ability of astral travels and positioning. You will given the ability of astral guidance, giving the knowledge and power to control all things spiritual, including the ability of astral trapping as means of defending yourself from malicious beings. You will exhibit the powers to perform astral healing and protection, being able to assist yourself and others in maintaining stellar astral vigor. You will be able to communicate with all spirits in the astral plane-- past, present, and future. You will exhibit the power of psionic contortion, which will give you the power to overload another’s mind causing a vegetative state ranging from excruciating pain and memory loss to death, depending on how well you have mastered your astral abilities. Finally, you will be given pyrokinesis, or the ability to start and control fires with the mind, so that you can sentence the soul of Alexander the Great to the same fiery fate that he judged upon the Persian Empire.

These are about three inches tall and not tiny. Some have flashes in them of blue and others do not. There are only three of these.

Mithranian Astral Abilities
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