In July of 1947, what has become one of the biggest government cover-ups in American history took place when a UFO crashed and landed in Roswell, New Mexico.  The first reports of the crash were given by the Roswell Army Airfield's public information officer, who said that flying disk had been recovered by the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell.   The following day, however, the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force reported that the finds were from a crashed radar-tracking and surveillance balloon, on which he couldn't release too much information because it was part of a classified program named "Mogul." 

The incident was forgotten about for than 30 years, until 1978, when physicist and ufologist Stanton Friedman interviewed Major Jessee Marcel, who was involved in the original Roswell recovery.  Marcal told his interviewer that he believed the government had covered up the alien crash, dragging the remains to secret confines and continuing the recovery and investigation out of the public eye. 

It's not as though his claims were a shot in the dark, because as soon as he came forward with claims, so did others.  Additional witnesses gave account to an entire program funded by the government that is dedicated to recovering alien craft and has done so at as many as 11 crash sites, but probably more.  Witness intimidation played a key role, but when Jesse Marcal came forward, he must've spark some courage because then others came forward too! 

Those who came forward to discuss the alien crash cover up include one Glenn Dennis, a military mortician who recalled being forced to perform an autopsy at Roswell base.  In response to these reports, congress probed the events that happened in Roswell in 1947.  Of course these reports simply confirm that the debris was probably from the weather balloon that was sent up in to high altitudes to intercept Soviet sound wave. A second report released in 1997 suggested that reports of recovered alien bodies were a combination of innocently transformed memories of military accidents involving killed or injured military personnel.  Such memories would arise from exhibiting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It also suggested that these reports were made because of the recovery of anthropomorphic dummies in military programs like Project High Dive.  The only other plausible explanation was individually sponsored Roswell Hoaxes. 

Don't be fooled by what the government tells you.  I'm sure you are all aware of that by now, though.  I'll tell you what really happened that day.  The RAAF really did recover a space craft.  The federal government stepped in and took over, recovering all the debris from the crash.  Two alien bodies were recovered and taken to a undisclosed alien research facility, probably at Area 51 or somewhere along those lines.  One of these alien bodies died and was sent for autopsy.  The other one was  alive and its life was sustained for as long as possible, amounting to two years.  During the investigation humans attempted to communicate with the Alien, but the alien didn't talk.  Rather, when the alien wanted to communicate with those around it, it took full control of their minds.  During this project it would seize all comprehension of human reality.  It would then project what it wanted to tell the people around it what it wanted to say.  Through this psychic connection it was able to transfer understanding of its extraterrestrial existence and from where it came and why it came.  It was able to transfer the understanding of alien technology and alien psychic abilities.  The alien didn't communicate anything that wasn't transferred in this manner.  It could project thoughts, images, or actual experiences that played like videos across the minds that he was projecting them into.  In this way, the people that worked with the extraterrestrial were able to gain a grander understanding of alien existence and existence outside of our own mundanity.  With one energetic charge, the being was able to fully open the mind of its host and transfer all the information it wanted to.  It could send powers and abilities to its host as well.  The host receiving the information received it in waves of energy that were transformed into something they could comprehend and use.  The alien also had the ability to transfer powers, abilities, and knowledge to items that were not living for processing and interpretation by the human mind. 

This piece is one of the pieces that was made by the Roswell Alien.  It is actually the last one the alien made.  This piece will develop a deep psychic connection to its host... you... in the Roswell Alien would have.  It is almost like a spiritual, psychic umbilical chord.  All the information from the alien's brain will be transferred to you.  This includes all of his psychic and telekinetic abilities.  It will transfer the an understanding of all the information he held and an understanding of extremely advanced alien technology.  You will be given energy that will open your brain to be able to receive all the information that the Roswell Alien has to offer you.  This is a very powerful tool for the full comprehension of alien existence and life outside of our own.  Again, the government will never admit to any of this, but that is because they insist that they are the masters of cover-ups.  Well, they failed on this one.  This item is the only piece you will ever need to prove that life outside of Earth exists, at full blast and at extremely advanced levels.  It will give you all the knowledge you will ever want and need to know!   


This piece is extraordinary and let me tell you,the abilities of aliens are much more advanced then what we have. If this is what your seeking you will feel this as soon as you hold it in your hands! You may wear it around your neck or place it in yoiur pocket but wait until you let it lay on your forehead! You WILL be a hauntedcuriosities buyer forever!!!!!!


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