Monetary Movement

Monetary Movement

Joanne, a client of ours, lives in  Massachusetts and just won $1 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket~!!!

She bought the ticket at her local grocery store and then forgot about it and left it in the grocery bag she place it in and inadvertently threw it away.

The next day, her husband, Joe, asked his wife if she had scratched the ticket. She hadn't. They dug through the trash and found it.... and they won the $1 million dollar prize!

The couple  plan to pay off their mortgage and other bills and take a vacation~!

** We normally do not announce these type of things, but Joanne gave us permission --- she is a client of ours who had just recently got a special monetary luck token -- she said she was wearing the piece and she had a warm tingle in her arm, she looked down at her ring and then looked over and saw the lottery ticket machine.... she picked the ticket that stood out to her and BAM she won $1 million!! She attributes her win to her endowed item, as she said she never before has bought a scratch off ticket from one of the vending machines~!

~ To accredit her blessing we have a new obtained another piece from the invoker of her item -- this is a stunning piece which is set in 18k white gold and has illusive green stones that showcase the status of wealth. We are ready to hear about your windfall --- so get this piece while you can!!



Monetary Movement
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