Money, Fame, and Fortune... Oh my!

Money, Fame, and Fortune... Oh my!

A few years back I was on a short business trip in in Buenos Aires. I would never want to live there, but I can’t deny that the majority of the scenery is beautiful. I also cannot deny that Native South Americans’ ways are different, but very, very powerful. So, powerful in fact, that I am offering the pieces above as proof that South Americans know their shit.

I was on my way to the international airport in Buenos Aires, when I was stopped by a local native. I didn’t realize that he was trying to have a conversation with me in his language. I just assumed that he was another peddler trying to get my money for performing stupid tricks or selling me cocoa beans. Either that or he was going to mug me. Boy, was I wrong.

I began reprimanding the poor guy harshly, not realized that he was a spirit aura reader, attempting to deliver a particular message of bad luck and misfortune. He seemed ashamed and embarrassed. At first, I thought... good that’s exactly what he deserves. But, as is customary, after a few seconds I felt horrible and offered and apology at which pointed he beckoned me to follow him He took me to a building that didn’t look too primordial compared to where I was expecting to arrive. When we got to his destination, he bowed low and pointed to a old man in a chair on the opposite side of the room. I kind of half bowed and demanded to know was going on. They jabbered in their native tongue for a minute and then the shaman, who spoke decent-- broken, but decent-- English informed me of the negative aura the native spirit aura reader had witnessed.

Long story short, they performed some really whacked out spiritual cleansing ritual on my soul, rendering my aura clean again, meaning that I was spiritually disease free and ready to roll. Oh yeah, as a token of his appreciation for my cooperation, (They were the ones that just helped me out, figure that one) the shaman and aurator bestowed, upon me, the pieces you see above. Each piece holds it’s own Bakru, or wood fairy. The fair is half wood and half child. If you keep the piece nearby you while you sleep, the fairy will come to you in your slumber and whisper the secret of money, fame, and fortune in your ear. Your bakru will guide you through daily life, helping you make the important decisions that you are too afraid to screw up your own. In addition, this piece will provide you with spiritual purification and has an essence that will ward off evil entities that wish to do you harm. Keep one for yourself. Share one with a friend. Just make sure you get at least one, because these are powerful little kickers and won’t be around forever.

We are only offering one piece at this time but will add more when the guys give them up.


** These 2 items were just given up and are now available!!

Money, Fame, and Fortune... Oh my!
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