Moss Folks Myriad, August Sale 35

Moss Folk Myriad This piece is a tribute to ancient creatures from areas mostly occupied by Germanic and Scandanavian people. It is in regards to the Moss-Folk, who were fairy like creatures who lived in the forests. They mostly kept to themselves, except for on the rare occassion they would have contact with humans. The Moss-Folk would sometimes have need for supplies or bits of food and so they would borrow them; however, the Moss-Folk are very grateful people and would always use their magical powers to give back to the humans, blessing them with health, wealth, and longevity. These items hold the spirits of several Moss-Folks who we have come in contact with over the years. We have more than what we have pictured, but we just wanted to show a few of them to give you an idea of what it is we are talking about. These pieces conjure the spirit of Moss-Folks and if you will leave them little scraps of bread, they will come to you. They will bless you and your home with a fortitude of abundance, bring forth health, longevity and series of extreme wealth opportunities!! You do not want to pass one these items up!! Again, we have only listed a few of the items we have for sale with this piece. We have many more of these, and can send them out as requested, you just may or may not receive an item that is pictured.
Moss Folks Myriad, August Sale 35
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