Moultana's Bands of Wealth

It might sound like an infomerical, but this wealth piece is revolutionary.  I cannot say that they are new, because they have been being used for years.  What I can say is that they are extremely powerful.  We were finally able to break the line and sneak somebody into the secret rituals of a convergence of the Skulls and Bones.  
It was a long and drawn out ceremony.  It was more detailed and included more rituals that a Catholic wedding ceremony.  Toward the end of the ceremony, the grand priest that was presiding over the whole spectacle uttered a few magic words.  We were not able to hear the words exactly, as they were spoken in a different language entirely.  
With the utterance of these magic words an entity appeared, whom they called Moultana.  The entity came out of ashes that were on the altar from a burnt offering.  She appeared in full metaphysical form and the people in attendance exalted her.  When she placed her hand on the heads of the people in attendance , they gained massive amounts of wealth.  New initiates jumped up, suddenly receiving a new fortune that they never thought possible.  These are the kinds of rituals that the Bilderbergs would attend, as well as members of the royal family, as well as influential politicians all over Europe.
The rituals are done also in the United States, having been brought over from Europe.  Through further investigation, we have found out that these rituals of the Skull and Bones have been brought to the social elite who attend universities such as UPenn, Princeton, Harvard, AndoverExeter and others such as these.  These rituals don't always go under the flag of the Skulls and Bones.  There are also partner organizations, but they they are for the social elite, all of whom have been selected before they even chose where they'd go to college.  
There are scores of secret societies that share this ritual, that have been passed down from the ranks of the Hellfire Club through college students who attended these elite schools.   Five out of the six ivy league schools have been using this ritual since before the American Revolution.  It goes to show that they wealth is for those control it and those who are selected to control it, like little minions.  
In the colleges, Moultana is brought about by sacred orgy rituals.  These rituals are done by exceptionally privileged and extraordinarily good looking people.  The orgy rouses the magical energy required to bring Moultana forth.  She comes to them in the same fashion, laying her hands on their head and giving them the blessings of her wealth.  
During the bestowal of wealth, each of the initiates into these multiple secret societies are given an item to wear.  This item assumes the wealth energy of the ancient spirit Moultana, who keeps building their wealth as long as they keep this piece with them.  
During out investigation, we have come across several of these items.  We are only showing one, but we have more of them.  They are all sterling silver rings with different types of stones in them, in different sizes.  You will need to email us your size when purchasing this ring.
What this ring does is summon the presence of Moultana who will come to you in full metaphysical form, no orgy required unless you want one.  Then go for it!  Either way, Moultana was will show up and she will bring you the same wealth powers that she has given those from a multitude of secret societies including the Skulls and Bones and the Hellfire Club.  With one of these items, your wealth will know no end.  It is the same wealth power that has given the Builderbergs their wealth, the Kennedys their wealth, the Rockefellers their wealth, etc.  I could go on and on forever, but I think you know what I'm getting out.  If you want extreme wealth that will not disappoint, one of these pieces is the way to go.  
There are no pictures for this piece.  When you purchase this item, you will send an email with your ring size, name, and date of birth.  The reason for this is because we will work with Moultana to create what is called a ring of wealth.  This will allow all wealth energies to enter your life but to never leave.  
Moultana's Bands of Wealth
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