Mystical Sexual Enhancement

Clittage Artist<br /><br />

Clittage is a fancy term for stimulating the clitoris; this term was coined by the Douglass sisters.<br /><br />

We encounter spirits all around us and we went shopping for Steve's birthday, that is coming up, and for fun went to the adult bookstore. Our minds always seem to be in the gutter and so we have fun making lude comments to one another. Anyway, we thought it would be fun to get him a gag gift of some kind.<br /><br />

When Deedee and I went to the bookstore we were having fun laughing at many of the obscene items and just as we got to the massive wall of dildos and vibrators, Deedee stopped cold in her tracks and said she saw a yellow spirit. Yellow is a mental color in the aura and has a specific physical correlation to the person's energy source.<br /><br />

She tracked the movement and feelings and sent me to the car to get an outsourced item to see if we could 'collect' this beast. <br /><br />

I came back in with the piece and found Deedee in the separate movie room. She said the spirit was a man and he was right next to her. She called forth a buzzing remission with a code and locked onto his energies. He soon was absorbed into this vessel.<br /><br />

We were so excited by this encounter, that we never did buy anything at the porn shop!<br /><br />

When we returned to the office we immediately started to check in with this man. We learned he was an artist who was obsessed with the human form; he painted and molded only nudes. He constantly watched pornography to get inspiration and to illicit his immense sexual desire. <br /><br />

He said his years of 'painting' nude women led him to many nights of passion and he became very intuitive to pleasuring women.<br /><br />

Mastering art was not his only gift... as his talented hands also brought forth toe-curling orgasms to any woman he was intimate with. <br /><br />

Now that his spirit was within a vessel we have, he wanted to showcase his talents -- Deedee offered to test the piece and was pleasantly surprised!<br /><br />

The artists name is Rory, he explained that the clitoris is not just the tiny little button that peeks out from under the hood; that is just the clitoral head --- the clitoris in its entirety is much bigger, 4 inches long on average...and the vast majority of it is hidden inside her body. The clitoris gets hard and erect when aroused, however unlike the male penis, it does not stand to attention and show off!<br /><br />

The show however is going on behind the scenes... and most men do not know how to revive a connection to complete the 'call of duty.' Rory mastered this intimate contribution and will administer clittage at the point of arousal... causing the woman to go straight down the road to orgasm. <br /><br />

Many women fake orgasms to make their lover feel better about themselves, and they go unsatisfied. Deedee was overtaken while wearing this piece and she was left with a feeling of tingling throughout her whole body -- she was so relaxed, yet alert. She said she felt as if she had a buzz from drinking ... the testing process was incredible!<br /><br />

We let the neighbor lady test it out, without telling her what it did. We simply told her how to bond with the piece and that she would not be harmed in anyway. Let's just say we didn't see her for over 2 weeks and we finally called her to see how she was and what her progress was like -- she stated that she didn't want to leave the bedroom. That she never felt an orgasm before and now she couldn't get enough! She is in her early 60's.<br /><br />

Why go without... get this piece and allow Rory to enter your canal and use his carving hands to make your love life a masterpiece!<br /><br />

Once you bond and use this piece you will have incredible forces felt while alone or with a lover. Rory will help utilize your libido along with your mate to help make your sex life more enjoyable!<br /><br />

This barely got on to the website, as all of our testers wanted it! Many items we will be able to get first dibs on, but this piece Deedee knew would cause fighting between our members --- because whoever wouldn't get it would be upset, so now it is a first come first serve on the website --- do not double think this one!<br /><br />

If you are looking for a great advancement to your sex life.... this is it!<br /><br />



Mystical Sexual Enhancement
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