NAIVE NATURED She was an All-American girl who loved to dress up in her mother's clothes as a child. She had a great imagination and she always was the best runway model out of her friends. Her aspirations to be famous led her to New York City where she was quickly lost. Her backwoods country lifestyle did not prepare her for the crazy city. She tried so hard to fulfill her dreams, she did a lot of things to try and launch her career. She was very naive and got caught up in a drug ring, unknowingly. The young woman was arrested on many accounts, as she was caught in a big drug bust and in during it a man was killed, and she was held partially accountable. She seriously was just the mule, clueless as can be -- promised to get free professional photos and contacts to excel her career, but all it did was hinder her life and now she has been in jail for the past 10 years! She used this time to study the paranormal and mastered some great abilities. All of her focus is spent working with the magic that she was able to forecast through the library. She then utilized her limited internet access to find some contacts and got in touch with Deedee. The woman's name is Isabelle and she wants nothing more than to empower people through the aspect of being naive, especially women! This piece will exemplify your mind, body and spirit with a cleansing casting that will awaken triggers in your brain to make you alert to things that are not what they seem. You no longer will need to worry about being taken advantage of, being looked upon as the doormat that people can walk on... you will have vibrancy, resilience and clarity. The hindrance to many peoples success is listening to the wrong people and feeling bad about themselves because they do not think they can excel on their own merit --- with one of these pieces you surely can!! WE LOVE THIS ONE BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT,WAY TO MANY WOMEN HAVE THIS PROBLEM,NOT DRUGS BUT BEING USED AS DOOR MATS.
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