Narasimba's Allure- <br /><br />

In this piece we have summoned the ancient Narasimba.<br /><br />

His soul is infused in the piece and you can call upon his power at anytime you choose.<br /><br />

 The legend goes like this:  The demon Hiranyakashipu  was terrorizing the Universe, condemning people’s souls, sending them to the underworld, etc.  The demon was too strong to be beaten by God or man and couldn’t be killed during the day or night. <br /><br />

Vishnu, the great warrior manifests himself as a beast with the torso and lower half of a human, a lion-like head, and lion-like claws.  He defeats and kills the demon at twilight. <br /><br />

Now, you can own him.  You will gain the ability to shape-shift into the ancient Narasimba.  Also you will gain the strength and knowledge held by the valiant warrior.  Lastly, you will be given the ability to distinguish and defeat dark entities. <br /><br />

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