Scientists have recently been able to demonstrate in an experiment that we are capable of learning in our sleep.

First a group of test subjects had to learn to play two pieces of music that were unfamiliar to them. Then they were sent off to bed for 90 minutes. During the sleep phase, the researchers played one of the two pieces of music to the test subjects.

When the subjects were subsequently asked to play the pieces, all of them showed a much greater degree of proficiency with the piece that had been played to them while they were sleeping.

But beware: when we sleep our brain processes all of the experiences that we have had during the day, and this function is significantly restricted when we are sleep-learning.

The basis of their attempts is qualified, as we have known these facts to be true for decades. Magic and powers is something that we can not affiliate publically, as the majority will not see it as accurate... so "scientists" need to disclose things from other ways of 'proving' it --- however they are not accurate in all the steps as they do not have the majestic honory of knowledge that occultists have proven.

So the facets of this discovery are exciting, but we want you to know you CAN learn while sleeping, without losing the aspects of your daily knowledge!!

This item contains the elevated energies to provide you the fuctional tools to obtain skills and knowledge while you are sleeping, and you will not lose the facets of what you wish to work out about your daily issues while resting!!

This was forecasted by Merlin and is an incredible piece~!

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