Here is another valuable item... not that all of our items aren't valuable, but this one is another extremely rare one. It comes from a mystic in Tokyo, whom I gained contact with during an investigation years back. He has recently sent me this item, telling me that there is an entity inside of it, but he couldn't quite crack the case. Inhabiting this item is what is known as the Ningyo Kanari. Now, if I had stopped at Ningyo, you could expect to see fish-like creature with a monkey's mouth, and small fish like teeth. In fact, it would be quite the ugly site. The Ningyo Kanari is a rare form of Ningyo who appear to humans as beautiful creatures. They are not well-known. They are queens of the deep and if you should encounter one, if you answer their riddle correctly, they relinquish their full powers upon you. This item holds the spirit of a Ningyo Kanari and will answer the riddle for you. She will relinquish her powers to you, which include white light spells and divinations. She will give you the ability to shapeshift into a mermaid, which is basically what they are. They are beautiful creatures and will give you the full powers of their beauty, both inside and out. This means you will become increasingly more beautiful and your aging process will slow down. Also, this means you will undergo an internal rennovation, that will completely cleanse and restore your soul!!

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