Her name was Della Jones and she lived alone, a widow from the civil war. She always wore black and those in town figured it was because she was still in mourning. After many years going by, they figured she was just strange and indeed, she was. Della Jones was possessed but not by evil, but by both good and bad. She was a living vessel that had a soul jumper; her soul at death jumped to another body pushing out the original spirit. Since there was a vacancy in her body, both good and bad took turns using it.

Every day at noon, Della would rock in her chair in the front bay window of her house. She would rock and rock, rock and rock. This would go on for a few hours. If someone walked up to the door at that time, they would be offered a miracle. She would speak to them in a monotone voice and ask what their greatest wish was and it would be granted. The voice was not hers but a voice from whatever various angel would come through her.

Many thought it was a joke or that she was insane. After all, her voice never sounded normal but it was always sweet sounding. The jokes stopped when the sick became healthy and the poor became wealthy.

At midnight, she would rock again, over and over and over just looking out into the street as her chair became a chariot of fire. She would burn from the inside but you would never know it. Some people came to the door at that time which was rare. Who would call upon someone at midnight? Normally they would not, but with her reputation now growing, if she was seen rocking, someone might stop. This was not a good stop for anyone. At this time she was possessed not by angels, but by demons that would cause trickery and suffering. There was often dark magic offered to those that came by and they never knew the difference.

Today you can use this too but I would suggest only at noon. ALL THAT IS ASKED FOR IS GRANTED.

Della was nothing but a vessel for the battle between good and evil. If something was going to send darkness into the world, then something good was also going to be there, too.

I believe this is rose gold with a red stone. This is an antique in about a size 8 or 9.

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