Charlie and the Nordic Powers

Meet Charlie. He is an average twenty-two year old college student. Okay, well actually Charlie was quite the nerd. The saying is don't judge a book by it's cover, but in Charlie's case, you almost have to. At first glance, Charlie kind of resembles an uglier version of Harry Potter. He has the air of somebody that you might find fixing computers for the Geek squad, and hasn't even held hands with a girl in his life. In fact, his mother has him so frightened of girls, that no sooner does he start talking to one, he must run away and puke in a trashcan somewhere-- that's Charlie, though.

As of late, things seem to be normal for Charlie... or as normal as they could possibly get. He lives with his parents, commuting to the University of Arizona at Tuscon to study computer repair. His spare time is taken up by Final Fantasy, Star Craft, and reruns of Japanese cartoons that are enough to drive anyone crazy. At this point, things are about to change for Charlie. He doesn't know it, but things are about to drastically change. Enter Candie.

Candie is also a 22 year old college student, or so she likes to tell people. She is a hot, sex vixen and she knows it. She can get what wants and knows it. She is a foreign exchange student with a sexy accent, slamming curves, fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is the epitome of hot. Candie is so far out of Charlie's league that his subconscious thoughts won't even allow him to dream about her. However, in a passing by at UOA, Tuscon Campus, the destinies of these two opposites are about to attract. Oh, did I mention that Candie is a vampire? Yeah, she is 2200 years without a blemish of age, of course. She took one look at Charlie, decided that she was going to make him hers, and then watched precariously as Charlie dodged to the nearest trashcan and ejected his lunch.

Long story short, Candie took a severe liking to Charlie and Charlie wasn't used to it. To each their own, but Candie seemed attracted to such nerdy men, because they could provide Candie with something she had always wanted, well at least for the last thousand years of so, and that is stability. She had been searching for someone to coexist as a ruler over a power she had inhabited a long time ago. This man was to be Charlie and since Charlie was a virgin he was the perfect candidate.

The date went okay that night. At least Charlie didn't puke all over himself, but the after date was horrible. Candie had to teach Charlie all the right moves, but none the less his performance wasn't so stellar. The important thing to know is that if a vampiress devirginates a virgin man, he also becomes a vampire. So, it came to pass that Charlie had to become familiar to his newer surroundings. He was no longer an ugly nerd, rather he was transformed into a very likable, extremely handsome, undead child of the night. Together, he and Candie began assembling an underground cult following. The cults numbers eventually grew to a point where Candie was able to disclose her endeavors with the crew.

You see, when Candie was changed by the Norse gods from human girl into a vampire, she was chosen to keep guard over a source of naturally occurring magic in what are now known as the Aland Isles, a remote yet distinguishably beautiful place. This Nordic power was covet by many, but shielded from all by the gods, for fear that the power might have fallen into the wrong hands, leading to the destruction of human kind. They changed Candie into a vampire demi-god, commissioning her to keep watch over the power. Now, it was Candie's turn to relax for a bit, so she creating a legion of loyal followers to whom she could delegate this same task.

As for Charlie, he took Candie as his consort and now presides over the cult, as king of the Nordic Power. I was introduced to the legion during a trip I took to Arizona a while back. I was given the pieces that you see here and told that each of them inhabits a bit of the Nordic Power and will give its host the secrets to the Nordic Powers and the ability to practice all of the magic and mysticism that goes with it. It is a naturally occuring power, so naturally, you will have the ability to control all elements of nature.

Additionally, this piece will make you an official member of the Tuscon Legion, which is the official name of Charlie and Candie's cult of followers. You will be changed into a vampire, be give exclusive vampire powers, and obtain immortality. You will be known universally by gods and spirits alike, as the Nordic Powers are powers that people reckon with. They don't usually go up against it, because there are few powers in the universe that are more potent.

The piece you see here was given sanctification by the king and queen of the Tuscon Legion. You will unlock the secrets to the Nordic Powers and obtain all of it's mysticism and ability. Just be careful with this power, because it is so very strong. It is also important to note that this power is a white light power and uses the energies found in nature to work properly. My suggestion would be not to use this power for evil purposes, as it might backfire on you.

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