We have done it again folks. We have gotten a couple of pieces in that we thought would be virtually impossible to lay even our hands on. Then, again, it should be known that we, somehow, always find a way to deliver. This time was no exception, and now I want you to feast your eyes on these beautifully decorate emblems of power. These two little emblems hold the power of Ancient Egyptian Mantra Initiation. This code comes straight out of ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and has been passed down from generation to the next. There are a very few select people who have been given the distinct honor of being able to say that they have been energized by this knowledge. It is knowledge that comes directly out of the Sphinx. These pieces hold the thought forms of the ones that designed the Sphinx and its storehouse of power and magic. Obviously, these pieces are not the very original. Although, they are replicas that are at least a hundred years old. They are the Coat of Arms for the Mystery School of the Sphinx. Looking at the piece you will notice the miraculous, majestic griffins that are the offspring of the Sphinx. Although the Sphinx has a life of its own, these Griffins are the incarnate manifestations of All the powers the Sphinx has ever and will ever accrue. The Griffins bear the Light of Knowledge, which is the pilot light that ignites spirit of the Sphinx and gives it its own life. The Sphinx was crafted by a highly, highly, white-light intelligence force. The force is not one that was of this world, as they were all-knowing, powerful beings whom held all the knowledge and intelligence of the universe-- white, dark, dual, whatever. They knowledge of the Sphinx is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. The sparkling golden band, while it does not depict a snake eating its tail, is a secret code for the Egyptian Ouroborus. This signifies that the power of the Sphinx is eternal. There is no depletion of its powers. It goes through cycles, where the power becomes stronger and stronger and the its hosts, the ones who hold these emblems, become more enlightened and esoterically elevated. The Sphinx will complete its cycle in sync with the coming of the Age of Aquarius. This is the ultimate knowledge of the entire universe. It will allow you to hold precedence over all powers and creation forms. It is the ENTIRE knowledge of the ENTIRE universe and of ALL existence. You will gain the practice of ALL powers and of ALL magic forms. It will open your third eye to receive all of this information. You will be psychically tuned with a higher existence that keeps you above the normal understanding of the average human... or most other forms of existence for that matter. It is the epitome of all existence. PART OF THIS DESCRIPTION IS WRONG. THESE ARE WELL OVER A HUNDRED YEARS OLD AND THE TILES ARE A FEW THOUSAND YEARS OLD,THE METAL THAT HOLDS THEM IN IS EITHER 14K GOLD OR 18K GOLD. WHEN FURTHER TESTING WAS DONE WE WERE ABLE TO HAVE A BEAM OF LIGHT HIT US THAT WAS THE CHRIST LIGHT WHICH CAME ABOUT DURING A BATTLE OF THE DEMONS DURING EGYPTIAN TIMES. THIS CHRIST LIGHT IS ONLY GAINED THROUGH THESE AND THEY ARE ONE OF A KIND. ONE NIGHT AFTER HOLDING ONE OF THEM I SAW JESUS AND GOD AND WHAT LOOKED TO BE A PURE CLEAR FORM,SEE THROUGH YET NOT A HUMAN SPIRIT,SOMETHING ELSE,WAY DIFFERENT THEN ANYTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I FELT MY BODY LIFT AND WAS TOLD THAT I WOULD NEVER BE HARMED AND WOULD BE READY BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY FOR ANY SPIRITUAL BATTLE OF THE HEAVENS. SINCE THAT TIME MY PSYCHIC SENSE IS OVERWHELMING! YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU GOT ONE OF THESE. WE ONLY HAVE TWO AND YOU ONLY NEED ONE.
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