12-20-09 This to me is gorgeous it is a wooden pieces and coins bracelet. This is for wealth and holds magistrate wood nymphs of wealth and happiness. There names are Unthia, Violet, Deriane, Sy, Guihila and Danci. Deep into the quiet of the woods dwell the nature spirits of the woodland realm that inhabit trees and forests Tiny WOOD NYMPH. Making their homes amongst tree roots and fallen leaves, the wood nymphs tend the trees and the forest floor dressed in leaves, cobwebs, bits of seeds and moss. The wood nymphs called Dryad play a great role in the protection of the trees. Think of what trees do, they not only help sustain our existence by putting oxygen into our air but, for centuries trees have held special meaning They represent wealth, prosperity,and abundance and have been used to cure many illnesses since the beginning of time.. Pachira tree the tree of wealth and good fortune. Hickory Wood for abundance, wholeness, and general acquisitions. Maple Wood The gypsies believe Maple brings gold and that eating the seeds draws love. Holly Wood brings material advance, physical revenge, and beauty. Ivy Wood ensures success in business and all new endeavors. Oak Wood Oak magic brings prosperity, bravery, presence, leadership skills, and strength. Sassafras Wood Burying money near the roots of a Sassafras tree brings prosperity let you nymphs guard you money so you are never without it again What a better offering could you give your nymphs than to put at tree near where you would keep them. The Bonsai, Pachira or another small tree would be ideal. You must keep these in small pots as like fish the bigger the tank the larger they can grow. Don't miss out on these amazing wealth nymphs what's better than one wealth nymph this you get 6 with this item.
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