Napoleonic Oraculum

Napoleanic Book of Fate

In the year 1813, Napoleon was finally defeated at Leipzip.  However, he left behind him what has been called a "cabinet of Curiosities".  One of these curiosities was discovered by a Prussian officer.  It was a Oraculum that originally had been discovered in one of the Royal tombs of Egypt.  It was found there during a French military expedition in 1801.  

The ancient manuscript was ordered to be translated by the Emporer.  It was translated by a famous German scholar and antiquarian.  From this point on the the Oraculum remained one of Napoleons most treasured possessions and  His most spirited advisor.  He consulted the Oraculum on just about anything, as the Oraculm has the distinct power to tell the future the way that is going to happen. 

This piece holds the power of the Napoleonic Oraculum.  The reason this piece is so powerful is because it holds the powers and knowledge of the ancient Egyptian Oracles of Time.  These Oracles have placed, into the Oraculum and ultimately this item, the ability to to present a choice, to ask the Oracle a question, and to see the results and outcomes of any of those choices.  It will help you predict the future of any action you should take before you make it.  In this manner, you can prevent backlash or bad discourse at the result of a poor decision you have made or would have otherwise made. 


Napoleonic Oraculum
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