Nazi Celestial Psy Ops

Nazi Celestial Psy Ops 

This is a highly charged piece.  It contains multiple facets of power that have been being developed since the end of the second World War.  As history tells us, after WWII, the Germans and their allies were punished for their war crimes.  As I'm sure you know it's never that simple.  I can assure you that you could have never disbanded the entirely Nazi allegiance, even if you tried.  There was just too many of them to actually track down and either eradicate or convert.  They were skillfully trained by Hitler to really believe everything that he taught them... for better or for worse this is the way it was.  It should come as no surprise then, when I tell you that there are secret breakaway civilizations of Nazis that still exist in today's world.  Most of them are in South America. 

The new Nazi's have developed a highly organize hierarchy of command, lest the world should attempt to obliterate their people again.  However, given the strength and the strength in numbers that they have gained, I seriously doubt that is going to happen any time soon.  In fact, the new Nazi party is stronger than it has ever been and has been developing secret technology with the help of extraterrestrials, whose help was beseeched when they fled to the jungles of South America, where they have regrouped and developed a stronghold.  The reason the Nazi's stronghold has never been discovered and their operations have never been halted is because they have been working on a major psy-ops project in their hidden cities in the jungle. 

The New Nazi Initiative has laid the ground work for a full scale Psy-Ops invasion of the entire world.  Unbeknown to normal, "everyday" citizens, American, NATO, and the rest of the world has been under psychological attack for some time.  Why do you think Ted Kaczynski became the Unabomber, or Timothy McVeigh to blow up the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City?  Why do you think there are so many terrorists that hate America and want to see the country besieged?  Because the Nazi's are remotely controlling their minds and carrying out their operations through the bodies of others. 

These types of operations were first experimented with during a meeting between extraterrestrials, Adolf Hitler, and Heinirch Himler in the secret Nazi base in the Wewelsburg Castle.  It was here that they very first psychological warfare experimentation were carried out in accordance to alien technology that was given to the Nazis after making contact with the alien race through their extensive space program that rivals the NASA of today! 

Currently, the Nazis have space programs on going that total several billion dollars worth of investment.  They are in continuous communication with the race of aliens the forged an alliance with during WWII.  The thing is that they want to take over inconspicuously, or they would simply have the aliens annihilate us.  The energy that they use to support the upkeep of their bases and their psychological operations efforts come from star bases that their alien allies have built on stars throughout our universe.  They have been given cloaking devices to also keep them secret from other entities such as the Russian Space Program or NASA. 

Again the reason the Nazi bases have never and most likely will never be discovered on Earth is A.) because of the discreet locations B.) the mind control energy that is present at these bases easily intercepts the minds of perpetrators and either makes them forget anything they did see or turn around and go the other direction.  It's a nifty little situation they have going on.  I only got this item because I have connections on the inside!! 

This piece is an official new movement SS insignia.  It holds the powers of Nazi mind control and collects the powers of the star base.  The powers in this piece will do several things for you.  First of all, it will completely null any body's ability to ever take control of your mind, like Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, the weird kid that shot up a movie theater in Colorado, or any of these kids that go on shooting sprees at college.  They've all been controlled, but you will be shielded from the same onslaught of mind control.  This piece will also give you the power of the Nazi mind control.  Ultimately, you can use this piece to control the mind of others and you will be able to carry out your own covert operations, remote viewing, or anything else you could want to do with mind control.  You will gain the energies from the starbases, which will increase your intelligence and allow your mind to grow in accordance to the universe and its advances rather than the limited energies of the Earth and human existence. Finally, this piece will give you a insider psychic connection to the main Nazi stronghold in South America.  You will be able to remotely view and comprehend the secret alien technologies that they have been working on and that they hold at this cover Nazi city in the South American jungle lands.


Nazi Celestial Psy Ops
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