King Solomon of Israel was superior in divine wisdom to all people in the east and even the Egyptians, who were said to be beyond other humans of that time in their understanding of all things.  He wrote the most important of the all Grimoires, The Key of Solomon.  Magic spells commanding angels or demons and invisibility are set forth in this magic book.
God gave Solomon a magic ring, called "the Seal of Solomon" that enabled him to defeat and command demons, amass tremendous wealth and rule over a great kingdom.  He forced demons to cut stone and build the first Jewish Temple.  Alchemy, turning water into blood, creating temples suspended in the sky and shape-shifting were only a few of the amazing powers bestowed on Solomon by God!
We were able to travel back in time to 970 BC to witness Solomon's coronation, then fast-forward through his 61 year reign, viewing all his spectacular feats of the supernatural!  At the precise moment, we seized a stone from his magical ring, capturing all his tremendous power and wealth!  This ring will grant you the powers of Solomon!!  Imagine shape-shifting at will, commanding angels to protect you and having dominion over evil demons.  Make them your slaves or banish them from you.  Be invisible.  The choice is yours!  Transform objects into what you want them to be and command the most powerful and advanced of armies with ease as Solomon did.  The only limit to your power is your imagination!
During our time travel we used the piece you see here except that it didn't have the stone in it. This sterling silver piece was a grandfather clause. The grandfather clause is a piece I have had for about 10 years and it is what I have used for personal travel. I use it for a few reasons,one is that it worked fast,two it was hard to lose and three it was a grandfather clause. This meant that unlike our government who is always changing time and history,this piece would not do that to cause harm. Every day you wake up or even while walking you have no idea that time is changing. You have no idea what is going on! let me explain this a little better to you.
When time is changed you have no idea,you possess no memories of it. You can't and the reason is because the physical universe and time have been changed! If you change something for example last year on March 3 at 3pm there was an alien battle,you lived through it but the Earth and the city of Chicago was damaged beyond repair. You know this really happened because you saw it yourself. Except now it really didn't happen because the government went back in time before it happened and waited and stopped it. So where are your memories of it? Well you don't have any because it never happened now did it?
We are all living in someone else's idea of what they want to happen or not happen. Now don't tell me this isn't true because your argument is then why are we in war now? Well,we want to be in war. The government causes things to happen because there is something in it for them! This piece will allow you to not only travel but keep your memories as well,the government can't take them from you. On top of that you will have the full power of Solomon's God given abilities through this piece. Don't abuse this power as it has a dirent link to God.
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