This is one heck of a great item!! Many of you have heard about being created in Gods image. This ring is just that in reverse,let me explain. The Heavenly man is the 1st sphere of the tree of life. It enables God to come down in the image of man. The first sphere is also known as Kether and it holds a power that won't catch fire when God gets near it. The reverse of this is to allow man to take on the power and form of God,which is what he wants you to do. This does NOT make you a God and of course important things like who goes where and if you can reverse demons is not something you will get but you will get understanding,power,all knowing ability and the climb up Jacob's ladder. When you do this you have full control over what you feel,see and know just as God does. If your an empathic person and do not want to feel this stuff then you won't. If you need to fix something in your spirit then you will be able to. You will also be able to speak to the Holy spirit and Jesus as well. You will be able to confront demons with no harm,send spirits to the light and be an educator. These rings are made to wear a little while and then toss them. Once you toss them you keep all your power and it never ever goes away. This item can change your life and the way you view things. This is all good!
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