I love this one because I get so much out of it but it is not for everyone. If your a person that has a hard time with gazing balls or crystal balls you do not want this item. If your good with those items then this is one you MUST have.

This is one of the very first mermaids created,way back in the day when the seas were made to flood parts of the earth. She is filled with knowledge,power and gives the best visions possible. To gaze onto her egg will bring you both forward and back ward into time. She gives guidance,shows you your future and also takes you back to when ancient cities still existed.

She was made when fragments of her homes were found near Atlantis. She just  like a human spirit haunted her own home. I would not say she is a piece of haunted jewelry because she is not. She is a very highly prized mystical creature.

Her power comes through time and in being here upon creation. She was here long before there was sin placed into the world so she is of pure love,pure power and loves humans.

The visions she can give you are so amazing. If your not psychic you don't need to be,there is a transfer here of ability. What I liked was that we had a full conversation going and she helped me with something I have been working on. I found that sometimes what we think is evil is not but rather what something or someone decides to become. I had been working on an item from VM and so I asked about it. I was given an amazing answer. It was along the lines of what I was thinking anyway but there have also been other things she has told me too.

Your really going to love this one. I also wanted to know about the dinosaurs and I was told. She has the eyes of God almost at least as far as what happened on this earth.

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