The Old Hags Ring Of Eternal Beauty-

This is the old hags ring of eternal beauty. This ring has an old mystic hag that tags along. God Help you! She is ugly as sin but a lively and jovial sort who takes on your wrinkles and problem areas. I have a few ex family members who could benefit from this for sure. Ugly is just not good! I like all kinds of people and looks have never mattered to me but ugly takes many forms mostly in the soul. This doesn't help that but I do have one that does.

Now there is one problem with this old hag. SOMETIMES she may appear in your mirror for a split second but she goes away and when she does you can hear her laughing her butt off. The reason that she does this is because after a long time goes by she will give you back your problrm areas and it is a bit of a shock. Do not worry she will not let you keep them. Now there was one time when she did. That is also how I got this.

We did an investigation two years ago on this lady who was crazy at least I thought she was. She was into all kinds of occult things and didn't really know much about them. She also thought she could use and abuse any entity or spirit she had. Well she had this ring and used it all the time because it does work. Then about 10 months into using it she gets the old hag in the mirror who does her little laugh. The woman says something like how ugly the old hag was and that she was glad she didn't look like that,blah blah blah. Well low and behold the next day the woman not only had her problems back but they were many,many times worse then before.

This was also tested by this lady I know who has very large whoppers for boobs and wanted them to get a tiny amount smaller. They did work for her too so I'm guessing that you can actually fix many things. I had told her about the one lady and when she was done although she didn't see the old hag she said thank you and that she was going to pass her on. Her large whopper boobs are still not so whoppery any more so we are all happy.Well it was hard to get her clothes thats why we were all happy.

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