It was the early 1990s when villagers from the tiny town in Veracruz, Mexico accidentally dug up on of modern archaeology's greatest finds.  It was a stone block that was covered in ancient writing, predating the Zapotec system by hundreds of years.  The block was carved by the mysterious Olmec civilization and it bears signs of distinct sentences, error corrections, and even a few poetic couplets.  The particular piece that was dug up has the prestige of being a "private copy," meaning that there are other works of the Olmec empire out there waiting to be discovered-- court records, trading routes, and literature. 

This doesn't solve the mystery as to what was dug up and written on the block though.  Why?  Because til this day, the Olmec language has gone completely and utterly indecipherable.  It is unlike anything that has ever been encountered.  So, unless somehow, somebody falls upon a new age Rosetta Stone, consider this language to be lost in translation forever.

Well, consider this language to be almost lost in translation forever.  Unless you have one of these items.  These items have been made by Raveniska, who was successfully able to translate the writings on the block through white light psychic absorption of the energies that they writings on the block give off  As a result, you have these pieces that will give you a first hand experience into the writings.  These writings weren't just literary genius.  Rather, they are a grouping of spells that will work for a variety of reasons.  This piece gives you all the answers and the spells are automatic.  This means that there is no reciting anything.  All you have to do is say what you wish for while you are wearing your piece.  Your piece will find the spell that has been archived for this purpose and your wish will come true.  The piece will allow you to automatically know what there are spells for and what there aren't.  With that being said I know from firsthand experience that these pieces are pretty powerful and there is some sort of spell for just about anything! 

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