This item is for extreme wealth,EXTREME WEALTH!!!!  I will add the picture tomorrow but Steve said he is emailing you the picture now. The size is a 12 but will also fit an 11 or it is that it self adjusts to size,we are not sure on that.  This is the one I was keeping but since you bug me to death here it is and I will NOT lower the price. I have two other wealth items that are smaller sized rings but not as good as this one. They are priced at 400.00 each of you want one of those. This one is 1,000.00 non negotiable. You won't be sorry but like the last time when I sold you that one piece and I needed to borrow it,? remember that one? It had a secret device in it? Okay,same deal,when I need to borrow it I get it back and I of course pay postage. Love ya. I will go to forum tonight,TRY to get there tonight.

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Price $1,000.00
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