The Isle of Ys and Sexual Magic

Once a majestic standing city, this city was washed away during a strange twist of fate that occurred at the fault of an otherwise prodigal daughter. You see, King Gralon was the most magnificent king in the region of Brittany. King Gradlon had a daughter. His daughter has issues, but that's okay because he loved her anyway.

King Gradlon loved his daughter so much, that a symbol of his deep affection for her, he ordered a city to be built in her honor. The city was to be known as the Isle of Ys. His beloved daughter, Dahut was to be the princess and provide leadership to the city in the absence of the king. This grand city was constructed under sea level, but protected by a gated dike to which only King Gradlon had the key.

The city grew and grew and eventually became one of the most magnificent cities in all of what is present day Europe. It was a beautiful and a sure sight to see. However, it also was a byword for sin, sex, and corruption. The people here were very liberal and took care to have as much gallivanting, leisurely fun as they could. Dahut? Well, she was the biggest whore of them all, organizing massive co-ed orgy parties to serve her purposes. In the morning she would order her lovers to be slain and the next night she would start all over again.

As fate would have, one night a particular knight was invited to one such party and must have been particularly out-performing, because he was able to persuade Dahut to steal the key to the locked dike from her Father. Dahut, under some sort of funky love trance, did as she was told. The knight took the key from Dahut and left her. Now, I don't know for sure if she would have died from a broken heart, because fate didn't allow enough time for that. The knight to whom she had just given the key to her vast city's only hope of survival, opened the dike allowing the flood waters to pour in, destroying everything and everyone in its path. And as for poor beloved Dahut? Well, her father was so pissed at her, he shoved her into the sweeping waters, where she was transformed into a mermaid and was sentenced to roaming the lonely seas for eternity... poor Dahut.

Luck you, though. Scientists have never been able to find proof of the missing city. It seems that the knight that was actually labeled the “Red Knight” because he was the devil incarnate had claimed the city for himself, so proof of this cities existence has never existed, until now, and I know you're going to like it. I received this piece from a connection I have in the Brittany region. He got it from a gypsy in passing and sent it to me, because she claimed it had magical powers.

Score!! After running a massive investigation I have been able to determine that it does indeed invoke the powers of several sexual spirits that are ready and willing to be let loose. Now, as you all now know, Dahut was a sexual diva. This is the power that was helping her outperform her competitors, and which kept the guys rolling in. This powers invokes the presence of the three sex spirits that live within it and they will give you incredible sexual energy that will keep you going longer, deeper, and more satisfyingly than ever before. It's like Viagra, Cialis, and horny goat weed all mixed into one. It will give you the ultimate ability to please your partner and provide the ultimate sexual satisfaction for yourself. These spirits will inhabit your body and will not finish until they are done. This will provide you with the best sexual experience of your life, trust me. Have I tested this piece out? Guilty as charged. You do NOT want to miss out on this!!
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