As youngsters we are bolstered up with tales of far away fantasies. These places consist of Neverland, magical forests, and an underwater realm full of mermaids with magical powers. Our little minds are taught to process these magical places as places that we would love to see when we are old enough. Then, as we grow older, we are taught to change our perceptions-- that such places could never possibly exist. How can people fly to neverland? Magic isn't real, so why would there be a magical forest? Well, I have news for those who are nay-Sayers. Most of the so-called fantasies that developed into tall-tales and children's stories aren't fantasies at all. Rather, they are covered up truths, which aren't apparent to humans because of the continuous dumbing down of the human psyche. The human mind doesn't understand because it doesn't want to. Like other instances, the human mind only comprehends what is tangible. Thus, if it isn't easily explained by scientific, concrete, visible reasoning. A perfect example of scientific dismissal is the city of El Dorado. El Dorado is Spanish for the Gilded One. It first referred to the name of a Muisca tribal chief who covered himself with gold dust. He then cast himself into Guatavita Lake. It came to pass that the city of this tribal chief, which was constructed of pure gold, would also be called El Dorado. In the 1500s conquests were set in search of the City of Gold, which was, at this point, dubbed, "Lost." After hundreds of years of failed attempts to located the Lost City of Gold, it was eventually dismissed as rubbish. It's just a story that has been passed down along the time-- turned into a Disney movie and other cinematic variations. Suggesting belief in such a place today will put you into the circles of the insane. People will laugh at you and call you strange. Since the humans haven't found it, it must not exist. Right? Umm, wrong. Again, as a rule of thumb, if humans can't see it, they don't believe it. That's a good rule of thumb to live by when dealing with other humans. However, when it comes to dealing with the supernatural and paranormal, this is a rule that will eventually lead to failure. Of course, you won't discover things if you don't believe. They conquests were done all wrong. While many people spent many years trying to physically locate El Dorado, their ignorance has shine through. El Dorado is not an actual city, it is a state of spirituality, originally obtained by the Muisca Tribal chief who painted himself in Gold and took a dunk in the river. As you know, the body is a complex temple, with different stages. There are powers in each of us that have simply yet to be unlocked because we don't understand them. We all contain a certain amount of energy flow that we could put to good use if we only had the ability to do so. These include the ability to manifest wealth and abundance of the spiritual properties of our Temples. Thus, El Dorado is a city, located within the Temple-- our own Temple, our bodies. Obtaining the gold of El Dorado is acquiring your own wealth powers and manifesting them in your own life. This item summons the spirit of the Chief El Dorado to help you enlighten your own existence to the heightened level necessary to be in sync with your own temple. Once you are synchronized you will open up your internal City of Gold. Wealth energies will spill forth and you will obtain the Gold of the El Dorado. This will manifest wealth powers into your life. It will seek out wealth and personal gain on all fronts on your behalf. With these energies you will experience extreme wealth, positive financial gain, successful financial returns, and all things positive in the financial sector of your life. Independently wealth is a goal that we all dream of attaining. This item will help you achieve this goal, simply by heightening your spiritual existence and releasing the inner power you already have anyway! It's a cinch. Riches are literally just a bonding away! You do not want to pass up this extreme wealth opportunity! THIS PIECE IS STERLING SILVER AND DOES ALL PLACES THAT SOME SAY ARE FANTASY,NOT YET FOUND OR IN YOUR OWN MIND. WE WILL HAVE MORE OF THESE BUT YOU WILL PICK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO,THOSE OTHERS THAT GO ON WILL ONLY DO ONE PLACE THAT YOU DECIDE AND THEY WILL BE LISTED. THIS RING GOES ANYWHERE YOU WANT IT TO AND IT IS REAL AND YOU BRING BACK THE REAL WITH YOU!
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