The Order of Amadeus <br /><br />


Anybody who really knows the life and style of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart knows that he is quite obviously part of Freemasonic society.  With that being said, Mozart was also a loved member of the Catholic Church.  He came from the predominantly Catholic Vienna, Austria.  With that being said, in his time, the Pope (who basically ruled the world) had renounced belonging to any type of Masonic society.  The Punishment?  Excommunication.  <br /><br />


Mozart isn’t just one of the best musicians of all times.  He was also a very practical kind of man.  Why can’t you have your cake and eat it to?  According to Mozart, you could.  He crafted a lot of his music to send secret messages to his fellow Freemasons.  Take, for instance, his last opera, “The Magic Flute.”  Its overture is in beats of three.  Three is thee number in Freemasonry.  There is something magical about that number that just does it for this society—easy… I’m getting to it.  <br /><br />


Mozart also had a true love for his God.  In this way he was reverent to the Lord.  Besides, God never issued and edicts saying that Freemasonry was a sin.  Mozart established one of the strongest Freemason societies to exist to this day.  As the story goes, he was working on a particular piece one day, when he received a vision from God.  God told him to found his own group of Freemasons—a group that would appreciate all the magic that God has ever had to offer.  This was Mozart’s golden ticket. <br /><br />


That day, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, Mr. Mozart composed not just one, but several numbers that gave whomever heard them the divine inspiration of the Holy Ghost.  With this inspiration they received the meaning of the Holy Number Three and the magic of the Holy Trinity.  With this magic all things are possible, just as written in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 19 and Verse 26, “…with God all things are possible.”  <br /><br />


There is a twist on this, though.  Hand in hand with teachings of other Freemasons , enlightenment and reason two huge components.  God allowed The Order of Amadeus, as they were named, to keep the magic that they obtained via the enlightenment of ancient illuminati knowledge.  Basically, the group kept the have your cake and eat it too mentality.  Apparently, Mozart and his pals were good at keeping secrets, because there are clergymen to this day that will swear Mozart was never in any type of secret society.  Give me a break!!  Either that, or it is one giant Catholic Church cover up.  <br /><br />


This piece is going to send you the magic beats and codes along with  a Melodic Guardian Angel.   This angel will come to you while you sleep and sing for you those numbers that have been inspired by the Holy Ghost, written by Mozart, and kept secretive ever since.  This will give you all the powers as discussed above.  Additionally, you will get to keep your guardian angel. <br /><br />

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