I'm going to tell this story as if it were really happening to me. Instead, this story was given to me by a customer who had the experience over the weekend. She was out at a club with her sister. She had spent all night getting ready and was extremely excited to finally get out and to leave her responsibilities behind for once. When they go to the club, things began at a pretty normal pace. She and her sister began sipping on sangria. It wasn't long before she began to feel elated. She found her say to the dance floor. Amidst the beat of the bass and the strobing lights is where she first caught a glimpse of him. When she first felt his eyes creeping up her legs, she barely resist to release a little bit of moan, thinking to herself that she would love to get her hands on him. As they locked eyes, she felt almost entranced. She found herself mentally incapacitated, desiring only him. She had never seen him before in her life, but she wanted him now in the worst kind of way. She began to feel a tingling sensation in her nipples. Their eyes never left one an other's. The eye sex went on for roughly ten minutes with each "stroke" of the breast getting stronger and more intense than the previous one. His eyes were an deep, piercing, icy blue that penetrated her to the core. She felt like she might explode with the angst of wanting to feel him inside of her. Her breath became short and her moans became less and less stifled. Then, her sister grabbed her by the arm. She was laughing and insisted that she go upstairs to check out the scene there. When the girl (we'll call her Liz) turned back around, her perpetrator was gone. She was dazed and confused, but nonetheless followed her sister upstairs. When the got upstairs the music was entirely different than before. It was more of a techno trance type of music. For Liz, this wasn't really music at all... it was a headache at very best. She tolerated the music for a half an hour or so. Then, she excused herself and traveled to a remote part of the bar with cool relaxing music, with a canopy labelling it "the Lounge." She stayed in the lounge, continuing with the Sangria. Then, out of the corner of her eye she spotted him. He came over to where Liz was sitting at and started back up with the eyes, introducing himself only as Pierre. His eyes shown directly into hers like LED lights. The only thing that she knew existed was him. It was like the world had stopped. His piercing blue eyes, ironically melted her soul and she wanted every part of him and she wanted him now. As if on cue, and probably on cue, he began caressing her thigh with his icy-cool fingertips. It sent sparks of electric through her entire body as she felt all of her sexual parts "swell" to the size of a large watermelon. She felt like there was too much water in the balloon and she was about to burst... if you catch my drift. Clothes began to come off, his gaze never faltering from her eyes. He was mentally inside of her now, swimming like a dolphin in the ocean, jumping around, sending vibrations deep to the esoteric core of her existence. Then, physically, he was inside of her, too. Liz never broke the gaze between the two of them, but she could feel that the entire rest of the world had come to a complete stand still. The pair sway back and forth, with his plump unit filling her cavity. It massaged all of her nerve endings. She began gasping for air, because the pleasure she was feeling was better than any she had ever felt in her entire 27 years of existence. His "little guy" massaged her girl parts over and over again. The friction was getting rougher and rougher, the swaying was getting faster and faster. His hand cupped her butt, but his gaze never faltered. Liz began stifled moans. She tried to hold it in like a animal at the zoo, but that was an epic failure. She suddenly found herself screaming like the whole stampede. Her body and his moved at insane rates of speed, but her heart remained calm. They were no longer on the lounge chair she had previously sat down on. They were now afloat, in mid air, coupling. She could feel a current run through her body like a spark of electricity. Then from somewhere way deep inside of her, she erupted and she could feel in burn with pleasure the whole way to the top as she released and climaxed over and over and over again. He didn't cease. He never stopped once. The whole time her eyes were fixated on his icy blue eyes. They captivated her. After about her 14th orgasm, she could no longer take it. She felt like she had died and went to Heaven and needed a rest. She turned her eyes away from him and just like that he was no longer there and she was once again in her cocktail dress on a lounge chair at the nightclub. She was confused, but when she reached up to make sure her clothing was fastened in all the right placed, she noticed an item affixed to a chain she wasn't wearing when she came out. It was the item you see here. She sent the item to us and that is how she became our customer. She isn't used to the paranormal, so there's a first experience for everyone. We tested the item and determined that in this piece lives a vampire sex spirit. Although this wasn't known on her part during the first encounter, we have tested this piece. This vampire comes to you and delivers amazing, orgasmic sex. The best you've ever had or ever will have. I'm telling you. When I used this piece, I was bitten all over, but that's just because I wanted to be. He'll do leather fetishes, whips and chains, paddles, sex chairs, sex toys, oral sex... any type of sex you want. He craves your satisfaction and will be your ultimate sex slave, stopping at nothing until your exasperated from the pleasure. Have fun!! THE REASON THIS ITEM IS GOING UP FOR SALE IS BECAUSE THE LADY IS TO OLD TO HAVE AN ORGASM NOW DUE TO A HEART CONDITION. THIS IS NOT A CHAIN BUT THE PENDANT THAT WAS ON IT. THIS IS ALL STERLING SILVER AND LOOKS LIKE A MYSTICAL LION.
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