It seems as though manifesting oneself in vampiric form is one of the most sought after aspects of magical existence. There is something alluring about existing as the immortal child of the night, versus existing as a mere mortal human. It also doesn't hurt that they are chock of magical and astral ability ranging from magical powers and energies to forms of blood alchemy and more. We have made this piece in conjunction with Shine, who helps us make items from time to time. This piece is very powerful and utilizes a power that he learned from the ancient Sumerians and their secret societies of the undead and the reborn. This piece uses ancient Sumerian texts to alchemically alter the energetic properties in this piece. It will heighten your awareness and give you the ability travel from your body astrally. You will leave your body to travel to a multiverse on a separate plane of existence. When you arrive you will exist as a full-form sanguine vampire. You will be given the opportunity to strengthen your core existence with attributes and characteristics of the sanguine vampire by merging their magic with your own soul. You will be able to bring these attributes and characteristics back to the human realm with you. However, you revert to your original human form. This is an ultimate form of transformation without actually going through the transformation. It will give you full sanguine power without actually having to be the vampire. This piece is very powerful and has been given an extra burst of energy from Shine to help you along your way. You will also receive a vampire conduit that will guide you along your journey to sanguine excellency. It will complete your biggest vampire fantasy, whether that is merely acquiring their powers, journeying back in time to see the origins of all vampire births, or having a sexual experience the vampire, this piece has got you covered!! It is the ultimate vampire experience!! I HAD SHINE ADD A LITTLE MORE TO THESE,PASSION AND EXTREME EROTIC HYPNOTICS. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO USE THAT PART YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUT IF YOU DO YOU WILL LOOK AT SOMEONE AND THEY WILL WANT YOU. THEY WILL NOT ONLY WANT YOU BUT THEY WILL ACHE FOR YOU! RIGHT IN THE GOSH DARN LOINS!!!!!! WE HAVE TWO OF THESE,ONE IN A BURNING ORANGE COLOR AND ONE IN RED.
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