Of Gods and Devils

You have to understand that all things are in the context in which you take them.  For instance, take the word "God" for instance.  Even in Christianity, this is a relatively new term.  Even in the days of old they didn't refer to God simply as God.  They had many different names for him depending on certain characteristics of His nature.  The fact is that there is more than one god.  I mean, there is only one supreme God who is in charge of all creation.  He is Elohim, the Alpha and Omega, as it is written in the Bible.  With that being said, there are other gods and consorts as well.  For instance, the angels.  They aren't humans, they aren't the chief God.  Rather they are demi-gods.  The saints that have ascended to Heaven and are given powers are also demi-gods.  They are much more powerful than humans, but they aren't quite the chief God.  There can only be one chief God and this is what is meant when it is written that there is One True God.  There is only ONE TRUE GOD.  He is the one that rules over all others.  He is the one that has created it all, even the other gods.  Even Satan and his demons are gods in there own rights.  They are merely gods of the Underworld, trying to steal the souls of the innocent. This is why we worship the Almighty, is the the first and the one who fights for us.  However, he knows that there is potential in everyone to become like a god.  He has made us this way, with his knowledge embedded deep within our DNA.  It is the life giving essence that he breathed into us when we were merely avatars shaped from mud.  

The Bible is the Word of the One True God that was written by religious men who were under the spell of the Holy Spirit; this is, the Bible in it's original form.  It has been corrupted by man over the years and this is why anyone who knows me, knows that I take precautions when I read any form of a modernized Bible.  I have learned time and time again that it has been mistranslated and translated wrong on purpose to influence the way people believe.  This is why I don't necessarily agree with organized religion and why I think that there is more to Christianity than the modern world knows.  A lot has been hidden from us through the years-- especially the magic that God has placed into the Bible and this world that we were supposed to revel in.  Instead, through the perversion of God's original word, we have fallen so short of His glory that it is dangerous.  I mean, what else could be meant by God's Glory in the Bible, other than the glorious and powerful magic that he has set aside for his humans to elevate their minds and allow them to become like gods, themselves.  

It is written in the Bible, "they drink their fill of the abundance of Your house; And You give them to drink of the river of Your delights.  For with You is the fountain of life; In you we see the light."  This passage is found in the Book of Psalms, Chapter 36, Verses 8-9.  This book was predominantly written by David, who in those times was God's chosen king.  David made God happy, so he showered him with gifts.  David, in turn, shared these gifts through his writing, that way anyone who that is enlightened may gain the secrets that he has hidden behind his penmanship.  This is why the Book of Psalms has often been considered to be a white light book of spells.  I don't know if I'd go that far, but there are many white light abilities hidden in the passages of David.  One of these powers is the ability to transform your being from human into a demi-god.  Like I've said, it is one of those abilities that was originally meant for mankind anyhow, but has become hidden over time only due to our own foolish insolence.  This passage tells a story about how through God we can drink of the River of Life, how through the Creator of the Universe, we can be elevated from our mere position of being human into the likeness of a God.  All we have to do is listen to the words that God has spoken through David, his chose king and direct ancestor of the Jesus Christ.  

The majority of the understanding of God and his magic and power enters the Earth through the point known as the Mount of Olives.  This is why Jesus spent so much time there while he was living his incarnate life here on earth.  It's like a gateway where Earth and Heaven merge.  In fact, a lot of powerful prophets when to the Mount of Olives in order to pray and gain the glory of God, which is the white power of God.  Then, they'd bring it back to the people who just kept getting denser and denser over the years until they just didn't get it.  Even when it slapped them in the face they didn't get it.  This is why Jesus basically told them he could tell them until he was blue in the face but they just wouldn't get it.  It is human nature to not understand; but this piece has spent a considerable time on the Mount of Olives gaining the white magic of God as it has entered for prophets and other religious clerics.  What if provides for you is a white light awakening.  This will put your mind in the right state, so that way you will understand what has been written in the Book of Psalms by David.  Once you read this enchantment that I have written above, you will taken into a form of enlightenment and awakening, whereby you will be transformed into a being like a God.  The reason there are devils and "other gods" on this bracelet is because this piece brings you the a god-like transformation.  Yes, it starts with the white light of God, but so did Lucifer and his bands of demons.  Moreover, this piece is a dual piece that will leave you with the powers of a God.  What you do with them is your call.  However, there is no doubting that the piece is this power is incredible!! 

Of Gods and Devils
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