Oh My Astral ! DHC

Entering and exploring the astral realms is a wonderful adventure. Most of us do this unconsciously while we sleep, journeying beyond our physical bodies. In the astral realms we can do almost anything we want, visit other worlds, have amazing sex, gain incredible knowledge and information.

This item is one of kind, and uses materials BROUGHT BACK from the astral realm. It is of Sterling Silver and hand blown glass, but the circles you see on it are special. They work like a computer chip for the astral highway. What this means is that as you leave your physical body and travel the astral, all of the knowledge, information, and abilities that you gain are brought back with you. If you consider what this piece can do, the possiblities are limitless! Learn magic from an astral mentor! Expand your insight into the universe! Travel and visit to other worlds, keeping the knowledge of your discoveries!

You can improve every area of your life with this piece!
Oh My Astral !  DHC
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