Open Your Astrological Eyes

Twelve year-old Jake Barnett has been called a child prodigy.  He has astounded university professors after grappling with the most advanced mathematical concepts known to man.  He has an IQ of 170, which is even higher than that of Albert Einstein.  He is so advance in his knowledge that at the age of 8 he left high school and began studying at Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis.  His field of study?  Astrophysics. 

During his studies he has made it quite known that his ultimate goal in life is to expand his own version of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.  He is well on his way and will most likely be able to teach himself anything-- as he taught himself calculus, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry-- in one week!  He is truly an inspiration to all of those who around him, having taken up tutoring his college classmates, at the age of 12! 

As a young child Jake was mistakenly diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of Autism.  It wasn't until the age of two that Jake began talking, but when he did begin talking he had so much to say that it was very hard to keep up.  At the age of three he was drawing pictures of shapes and teaching himself theories of relativity.  He had, by this time, mastered the art of a 5,000 piece puzzle.  However, unlike most humans Jake was born without any problems whatsoever.  He doesn't have any version of these modern, made up problems that psychiatrists like to diagnose people with to explain the very thing that humans, in general, used to be born with anyhow-- intelligence. 

I know I've said it time and time again, but over the years, the human mind has been significantly dumbed down.  Only those who are born in their purified state, such as Jake, or those who seek to become at one with themselves and their minds again, will ever know the difference.  Jake was born with a connection to the Cosmic Conscience, which is the brain at the center of the universe that governs and dictates how all things move and exist.  This is how he has astounding knowledge when it comes to relativity and quantum physics.  It is how he just picks up on things that seem like rocket science to rest of it.  He just "gets it" because he was born in complete sync with himself and with the universal cosmic conscience.  Every once in a while a human is born with a connection to the cosmic conscience.  With this factor ruled out, the only way to develop a cosmic conscience connection is through energetic flow and manipulation. 

This item contains gamma rays that have been sent to us from the sun.  If you have been watching the news you will know that there have recently been two very large explosion on the Sun, which have emitted an abundant source of energetic rays into the solar system, which have penetrated our ozone layer and have fallen to Earth.  With a little help from Raviniska we have collected these energies and placed them into this item.  These energies are an explosion of power that will enter your mind and revert it back to its original state, where your full cosmic conscience will come 180 degrees and be opened up full swing.  You will gain the intelligence of the 12 year old I just told you about, with a special understanding of relativity and how everything in existence affects every other thing and/or being in existence.

This piece will open your astrological eyes and allow you understand existence as you have never understood it before.  You will understand relative space-time function that will allow you control time and manipulate space and existence.  You will be given astral magic that will allow you to create and dissipate energetic properties and fields.  This will allow you to create your own powers and abilities using the energy properties of the cosmic flow.  You will be given a holographic imprint of true existence, whereby you know all things, be able to see all things, and be able to fully understand all things within Earth and through the galaxy and assortments of existences that exist other than our own.  It is your ultimate connection to existence that will allow you experience what everything has to offer and not just our own!       



Open Your Astrological Eyes
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